Carich Bamboo Essence Shampoo



Carich Bamboo Essence Shampoo 450 ml is good for flat-caved dry hair masses. The essence of bamboo leaf extraction Extract from lyserum red coccum Honey extract

Keep your hair moist and moist, and your abundance flowing Carich bamboo essence shampoo & commenter Specific for people with flat dry hair Mainly sustaineds bamboo leaf extrat haematoccus plavicialis extrat Honey external Let your hair moisturizing, rich and expert Karish elegant gel extraction shampoo/conditioner,

Contains bamboo leaf extract essence, Extracts of red-ball algae, sage extract, Honey extract, ceramide and pan alcohol, Long-lasting moist moisturizing, abundance elegant. A good day-to-day nursing option. Here we focus on one component.

Honey extract Honey is a good moisturizer, It will make both the follicle and scalp stronger and healthier. Honey is also a natural moisturizer, Can help hair absorb and retain moisture, Nourish dry damaged hair and increase hair elasticity.

Honey is rich in essential– Vitamins and minerals, Can increase the glossiness of hair

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