Ever Glow Carrot Oil




Carrot oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A and E. It help  in moisturising the skin and giving a healthy hair growth.

Benefits Carrot Oil

  • Promotes hair growth leaving your scalp healthier, and giving it a soft and shiny look.
  • It nourishes the skin leaving it smooth and bright.
  • It also serves as a resistance to the skin against sunlight.
  • Help you get rid of those stubborn black spot.
  • Serves as one of the best natural skin lightener, it can be used as a normal body cream or mixed with a body lotion for a better result.

Side Effect

This oil doesn’t have any side effect except for pregnant women who are advised not to use it for safety purpose. So stop killing your skin with chemicals and start applying this naturally made oils .

Price: 50ml goes for #1000 while 100ml goes  for #1500

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Ever Glow Carrot Oil!!!

Your solution to a healthy hair and skin.



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