Beautiful Black Colour Goyard Bag


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Its value increases over time
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Variety of pattern and interior options

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 Goyard bag is a French brand that has been considered a holy-grail for luxury Tote’s for over decades. Today, goyard tote’s are all over the media, worn by our favorite fashion bloggers and influencers. The brand designs are limited and made with the purest form of craftsmanship known as malletier.

Features of Goyard Bag

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Its value increases over time
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Variety of pattern and interior options

Quick Ways to Authenticate a Goyard Bag

It is not uncommon that discreet brands like Goyard are imitated, below are some simple ways to differentiate the original from the fake Goyard products;
1. Unique Hand Stenciled Pattern
The goyard pattern is so unique that it is hard to replicate its original pattern . This pattern is hand stenciled, although counterfeiters use print graphic to imitate this pattern.
The real goyard bags have serial  numbers which consist of three letters followed by six numbers. This serial number can be found where the leather strap connects the detachable pouch to the purse.
2. Serial Number Font Size
If the font of  the serial number is large and not subtle, then, the bag is fake. An authentic Goyard bag font is the San serif font in small size.
3. Goyard Bag Lining Basics
The lining on goyard bags is one unique way to identify the original brand.  A high quality cotton is used as fabric for the lining. most goyard bags have a striking mustard yellow colour which is considered the official Goyard signature colour for bag lining. A capital G is featured in Goyards zipper pulls.

What are Goyard Bags made from

Goyard bags are made from special Resin coated linen and are lined with cotton fabrics which makes the bag to have a lightweight, unlike many imitation that are made from vinyl. The exterior of the bag can be cleaned by using a damp towel to wipe it gently with soap and water. This cleaning method does not  affect the material the bag is made from.

Details about Goyard Brand

1. Not much has changed about the Goyard brand  in the past several decades
Unlike most other fashion houses, the Goyard brand has been discreet and remained consistent over the past decades. The recent changes in the brand can be found in the availability of certain colours of Goyardine. Goyard has stayed efficient in sticking with its excellent, tightly edited product assortment which is what it’s customers are searching for.
2. Goyardine is no longer hand-made, but personalisations 
Before now, Goyard’s signature prints were hand-applied. But now, this process is achieved through mechanised etching and layering of dye. Although personalisations which requires higher fees are still hand painted by a goyard craftsman in one of the houses global ateliers, Brazil, Tokyo, Carcassonne, France  etc.
3. Goyard doesn’t make it super easy to buy its products in person
As far back as 2015, San Francisco in America was the only standalone boutique. moreover currently, there are fewer than half a dozen palaces to buy Goyard collections in person in America. Nonetheless,  Louis Vuitton and Hermès both sell significant portions of Goyard products in their websites.
In Nigeria today, Kindy Stores amongst many other online stores also sell Goyard products in their websites.

Is Goyard out of Style

Even after many decades, Goyard bags are still a must-have for many. The long time prestige associated with the Goyard brand means that your bag Will never go out of style. Goyard bags are one of those bags that will always be stylish.


The Goyard Brand is a brand that has remained discreet and elusive in numerous ways and for many decades.
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