Breaking News: The newest Network Marketing Company in Nigeria (Greenleaf International)


Greenleaf Biotech Nigeria (Born for Beauty)

Introducing the latest and the newest Network Marketing Company in Nigeria,  Greenleaf International. Greenleaf Biotech is a Multi-Billion Dollar and a Multinational Company based in China.

Its headquarter is in China and branch offices are in over 50 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, and recently entering AFRICA. In Ghana only 8 months old, Nigeria only 5 months, Namibia (4 months) and soon coming in South Africa. So, the company is looking for new distributors who would like to partner and promote the products and get paid DAILY. The head office for Greenleaf International in Nigeria is located in Lagos.

Greenleaf Biotech has been in existence for over 22 years in business and just 2 years in Network Marketing and Direct sales wing. Greenleaf has successfully operated the network marketing model for the past two years in Asia, since it adopted the MLM model for its business.

Within 2 (two) years of being in the Direct Sales industry, Greenleaf is now ranked No. 1 for two consecutive years in China, and now ranks No. 70 in the Direct Selling news (DSN) of the Top Global 100 for 2018. The high success rate is due to the wide range of quality organic products that it produces.

The company is now seeking to expand globally and is therefore seeking leaders in the product MLM business, who are good at pioneering a new product network marketing business to partner with, in order to expand globally.

Why Join Greenleaf International?

  • Payment is daily
  • You ONLY need to refer 2 people to join under you
  • Get FREE SHOPPING VOUCHER to buy products on your account
  • Selling is not compulsory but if you sell, you make 50-100% profit
  • Products are very affordable
  • You don’t forfeit points
  • No blocking of members
  • Decide where to place your spill overs in your tree
  • Service center bonus when registering new people
  • Car incentives
  • Trips incentives
  • Scholarship incentives
  • Star director incentives

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Greenleaf Compensation Plan (Ways of making money in Greenleaf International)

The compensation plan of the company is Binary and it gives back 90 percent of profits on the products back to its distributors. You earn more even with a few active people in your network organization. Below are the ways you can make money in Greenleaf International

  1. Return of Investment Bonus
  2. Binary Bonus
  3. Matching Bonus
  4. Free Vouchers Bonus
  5. Retail Bonus
  6. Leadership Bonus
  7. Welfare Bonus
  8. Star Director Incentive

Key Features of Greenleaf International business

Receive FREE shopping voucher depending on your registration. This is mind-blowing!!

Refer only two (2) people to join the business and also buy their own welcome pack

Train your referrals to duplicate themselves too and also help to grow.

Join from any location in Nigeria.

Exchange rate is N380  to $1.

Payments are on daily basis. Interesting isn’t it?

Why Should you Join Greenleaf International now?

Greenleaf International is a solid and a reputable company that helps everyone who is dedicated to achieve their dreams most especially in Africa as it is in early stage of growth.

Greenleaf is still NEW in Africa looking for distributors around the world to join

Timing and positioning are very important in Network Marketing Business

Products are affordable and are daily consumables so you don’t have to stock piling in your home. Prices for members are like products you buy from supermarkets. But you will get paid when buying from Greenleaf International.

Own a service centre in your own state now, currently very few service centres are available in Nigeria.

Join now and be a Top Leader in your State.

Benefits of joining Greenleaf Biotech

Only one membership level worldwide, you don’t have to upgrade levels

No compulsory monthly purchases or sales target

Selling is not compulsory

You don’t lose accumulated points in your team

Accumulated points can be converted to Car, trips and house incentives

How to qualify to be a service centre in Greenleaf Biotech

Join the business become Greenleaf member and have 11 people each on your leaf and right legs, making a total of 22 people under you.

Your smallest leg must have 13750 PV

Becoming a service center is beneficial as you get 3.5% for every new registrations in your tree

You also get 5% on retail orders when Greenleaf members place orders through your service center.

Should you wish to open a Franchise shop in your area or country

You have to accumulate 25 600 PVs in totals with your team in order to qualify

benefits include 5% + 1.5% on every NEW registrations done through your Shop

You also get 10% on retails bonus when Greenleaf members place orders through your Franchise shop

If you are new in Network Marketing or you are a Network Marketer looking for something new, I invite you to join Greenleaf Business. You can contact me to get started with the business and get presentation. You can alternatively join our whatsapp group by following -09079508492

Please do not join the whatsapp group if you are not interested in the business or if you have already registered. Thanks

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