Greenlife Pidcare Tablet

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Greenlife Pidcare Tablet is an herbal supplement formulated for the safe and effective treatment of pelvic inflammatory diseases, vaginal pains, abnormal discharge & other related problems. The product also aids in the reduction of inflammation caused due to an infection.

Benefits of Greenlife Pidcare Tablet

  • Improves Blood circulation.
  • Disperses blood stasis.
  • Softens the hardened or blocked part of the body.
  • Effective and safe detox.
  • Used for treating chronic pelvic infection,
  • Effective for the treatment of abnormal discharge and abdomen pain caused by vaginitis.
  • Excellent for unblocking Fallopian tubes

Active Ingredients of Green life Pidcare Tablet

Oxytropis, Paeonia, Arum dracontium, Artium, lappa L. Juniperus Virginiumus

Recommended Dosage of Green life Pidcare Tablet

  • 100 capsules/Container.
  • 3 tablets, 2 times daily.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Store In a cool, dark and dry place
  • No known side effects
  • Keep product away from children.

What is the Price of Greenlife Pidcare Tablet in Nigeria

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Where to buy Greenlife Pidcare Tablet

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