The compensation Plan of Norland Industrial Group is an interesting one.

In Norland Industrial Group, there are basically nine (9) ways to make money. Before describing the nine ways you can potentially make money in Norland, let me quickly let you know that there are six ways you can get started to become a shareholder of this amazing company, Norland.

Note: Norland does not charge any fee for registration, the money you will pay to become a shareholder is the value worth of the products you will personally select/choose.

Here are the 6 entry levels, depending on weekly earning percentages

  1. ENTRY MEMBER: (student package) 70PVs at N45,000—— 8%
  2. SENIOR MEMBER: 140PVs at N80,000————————- 10%
  3. BRONZE: 260PVs at N160,000———————————– 10.5%
  4. SILVER: 560PVs at N350,000 ———————————— 11%
  5. GOLD: 1120PVs at N700,000 ————————————— 12%
  6. DIAMOND: 2240PVs at N1.3Million —————————-13%

Note: During promo periods, you can register with a lesser amount and also the company will upgrade you to the next higher entry level.

Norland Compensation Plan in details; How to Make Money in Norland

There are nine ways to make money in Norland

1) Fast Start Bonus

This bonus depends greatly on the entry level you register in the company. As you already know, there are six (6) entry levels. To qualify for this bonus, you need to introduce/register two persons under you after you have signed up in the company.

Let’s say you register as a Diamond member (1.3 million naira- 2240 PV) and you introduce two persons who also register as a diamond member, the company will pay you N448,000 cash that same week. That is 50% of one of your down line’s PVs which is calculated as 50% X 2240 = $1112 (multiplied by 400) = N448,000. Note: PV= Product Value and  $1 = N400 in Norland.

Note: Payments are on Fridays. It may interest you to know that the moment two people come into your binary network (one on the right and the other on the right) regardless of whether you signed them up/introduced them or not, Norland automatically pays you the complete N448,000.

For Gold member, your fast start bonus will be N224,000 cash  that is 50% of 1120 PVs = $556 X 400 = N224,000.

However for Silver Member, your fast start bonus will be N112,000 cash that is 50% of 560 PVs = $280 X 400 = N112,000.

For Senior member, your fast start bonus will be N28, 000 cash that is 50% of 140 PVs = $70 X 400 = N28000. Etc

Note: Norland runs binary system Compensation Plan

2) Free product voucher bonus

This bonus also depends on your entry level. In order to qualify for this free product voucher bonus, you must personal sponsor someone into your binary network. Free product voucher is 25% of the amount of money your down line uses to register in the company.

Let’s say you register as a Diamond member (1.3 million naira) and you introduce two persons who also register as a diamond member, the company will pay you N650,000 worth of free products that same week, calculated as 25% of N1,300,000 = N325,000 X 2 (because there are two persons) = N650,000 worth of free products.

This money is only used to purchase whatever items you need from the company. Let me marvel you, the moment you are able to sponsor at least one person in your network, the company pays you 25% of 1.3 million naira which is 25% of N1,300,000 = N325,000 worth of free products.

For a Senior member, your free products voucher will be N40,000 (that is N80,000 X 0.25(25%) = N20,000 X 2 ) for sponsoring two persons and N20,000 for sponsoring one person.

Please note that anytime you sponsor someone into you network, you will be paid 25% of that person signed up amount. Interesting right?? GUESS WHAT??? THIS IS TILL INFINITY, 


Entry member you get 14k, plus free products worth 20k

Bronze you will get 56k, plus free products worth 80k

Silver you will get 112k, plus free products worth 160k

Gold you will get 224k, plus free products worth 320k

Diamond you will get 448k, free products worth 640k

Remember the free products are different from your sign up products and YOU can CHOOSE whatever products you want

3) Group Performance Bonus (GPB)

Percentage payouts for each rank are as follows

*Entry member 8%

*Senior member 10%

*Bronze 10.5%

*Silver 11%

*Gold 12%

*Diamond 13%

Let’s say you are a Senior member, you will be earning 10% of your group performance on YOUR PAY LEG. For example, if your pay leg carries 10,000 PVs in that week, you will earn 10% of 10,000 = $1000 (Multiplied by N400) =N400,000

Note that this is a WEEKLY payout.

Let me surprise you again. Your PVs are accumulative even though they have been matched in payout, it is not flushed. It is used in full for every other payout and incentives month in month out, for all times.

ALSO, carry over PVs for payouts are carried over to the next week TILL INFINITY! So, you are guaranteed to earn weekly.

However it is a capped system for Senior Members to Gold and uncapped for Diamond.

Senior Members— 2.4million naira/Monthly

Bronze————– 4.8m

Silver————— 9.6m

Gold —————-19.2m

Diamond ————38.4m and above

4) Leadership Bonus

To qualify for leadership bonus, you have to be a SILVER MEMBER AND ABOVE.

Silver: you are entitled to 8% leadership bonus for your entire 1st generation. No matter the number.

Gold: you are entitled to 8% leadership bonus for your entire 1st generation and 5% from second generation

Diamond: you are entitled to 8% for first generation, 5% for second generation and 5% from third generation.

Example: As a silver member, if your 1st generation earns bonus of 10m naira, u are paid N800, 000 weekly


5) Maintenance Bonus

Now this is the bomb!! For purchasing as little as 28 PVs monthly, Norland pays you on a compressed system running through TWELVE (12) generations

First generation       –8%

Second generation — 7%

Third generation   —  6%

Fourth generation —  5%

Fifth generation     — 4%

Sixth generation    — 3%

Seventh generation– 3%

Eighth generation  — 4%

Ninth generation   — 5%

Tenth generation   —  6%

Eleventh generation–7%

Twelfth generation – 8%

Did you notice the increase in percentage even as the generation expanded? IT HAS NEVER BEEN HEARD IN THE INDUSTRY!, IN FACT MAKING MONEY IN NORLAND IS REAL.

What do I mean by compressed? With an illustration, For instance, if for any reason in your 10th generation where u are to earn 6% on all your down lines (whether personally sponsored or not) who repurchased, there is no one in that generation who repurchased, the system goes to the next available generation where there is or are repurchases and automatically brings it into your 6th generation so you MUST earn.

Norland also credits your repurchase bonus account in the back office with 3-5% of this commission so that you will not have the need of taking money from your personal purse to buy. Amazing!!

Finally, not purchasing 28 PVs doesn’t make you inactive in Norland, it DOESN’T make you lose out on other bonuses and incentives.

6) Repurchase Bonus

Now, let me blow your mind, yet again there’s an additional 20% entire group repurchase payout Norland shares her profit with her members every time we repurchase, imagine the number or detergents, tooth paste, mouth wash, etc. you and your family has been purchasing through the years, if those companies were to share their profit with you and your family members, can you bid how much it would’ve been by now.

7) Benefits Bonus

Norland sets aside 1.5% global income for your personal trip (not promo trip) and 1% global income for a car of your choice. Indeed, this is like being a shareholder in a multinational company having a certain percentage payout.

It’s amazing right??. Norland runs yearly car award promo and free trips to countries like South Africa, USA, China, Dubai, Hong Kong every six months. Meaning that you will be travelling every six months and getting a new SUV car every year.

8)  Honorary Bonus (long term dividends and global dividends)

Norland sets aside a substantial amount of money in the Honorary Bonus section of your back office e-wallet for leaders reaching the rank of Gold, Diamond and above.

Here, you will receive a house fund of 30 million naira and above.

9) Retail Sales

The Company sets profit at 20% of the amount of money you purchase products monthly. Meaning that if you decide to order products from retail order worth N500,000, you will be paid N100,000 at the end of that month.

Your selling point is that all Norland products will sell themselves Norland products are research-driven, potent and testimony-oriented. It totally depends on you if you want to sell. It is not compulsory at all. It’s optional.

Note: Status growth is not dependent on your down lines, it is not dependent on points and unrealistic targets. Once you buy the difference from the status you’re on and the status you aspire to be, you are upgraded and you instantly enjoy the benefits from your new rank.

Join Norland now and start reaping the benefits of this amazing compensation plan. NO MORE UNLIMITED AND EXCESSIVE PROSPECTING. NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME TO JOIN NORLAND.


Please don’t join if you don’t have money to start the business.

WhatsApp or Call us on 09079508492, 08153700971 for how to start earning your weekly income.


Norland: Settling people in health and in wealth

Join Norland and Make Money Today

Motto: Wisdom of health improves Life


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  1. Wow… Never knew all this exciting features about Norland. I would really love to work with them even though the Students package looks fierce

  2. Actually, when there’s a will there’s a way. Chat me up on WhatsApp 09079508492 if you are really interested.

    1. Actually, when there’s a will there’s a way. Chat me up on WhatsApp 09079508492 if you are really interested.

  3. Adm, pls provide detaijs of RANKING in Norland marketing plan. How to move from Diamond to Red Diamond, double crown and so forth. Thanks

    1. Please are you a member? If you are then I will send you a pdf file explaining everything.
      Drop your email or WhatsApp number.

  4. Aaaaaahhh
    I love this networking business
    How I wish I have the money to start
    Once i got started i will bring plenty people in my business
    Cause i Love network marketing
    And i can talk much

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