Sellers Guide

This article is the complete sellers guide on how to sell on Kindy Stores. Make sure you read all the information contained in this article before you register to sell on this platform.

If you rather prefer watching a video, click on the video below to listen to all the steps you need.


To register as a vendor on Kindy Stores, you have to first of all create an account with us. Navigate to Sell button on the home page or simply click Here. A new page will open where you will fill your information and pay a sum of 5,000 naira to proceed to the next page.

Once you have made your payment, you will be redirected to the vendors page where you can register your preferred store name.


After signing up on the platform, you will be asked to configure some basic settings. You need to complete 3 steps to get your account ready. Click on Let’s go button that pops up after registration. This will take you to store set up.

This page will appear after your have completed your vendor registration

Step 1: Fill the form displayed on the Store Setup with your correct information. When you are done, click on Next Button

Step 2: Payment Set Up: Fill in your bank account details so that when a customer buys your item, we can easily remit your payment. N/B: You will receive payments within 3 working days after a customer has paid for us for your item.

Fill in your account details to enable you receive payment after you have delivered the products the customer ordered. It takes 3 working days for you to receive payment.

Step 3: Your Store is Ready. Click on ‘Go to your store Dashboard’ to start adding your products

Set up is complete


Navigate to Products: Click on the button ‘Add New Product’

Ensure you fill in the following details:

Adding new product page

Sellers Guide on Adding Products on Kindy Stores

  1. Product Name: This is the name of the product you want to sell. Make sure it’s the exact name written on the product (if the name is written on it) or the name that customers/buyers are searching for on Google Search (Chrome)
  2. Price: How much do you want to sell your product in naira? include the price. If you want to give a discount, add the discount price
  3. Upload a product Cover Image: Ensure you upload a clear image of your products
  4. Select a Category suitable for your product from the Select a Category button
  5. Tags is not compulsory
  6. Add Product Description: A write up about your products including benefits, usage, specifications etc If possible make it at least 300 words or up to 600 words about your products. The more words you write, the higher your product will appear on Google.


We charge you commisions on each product you sucessfully sell here. A flat 8% rate is charged for each item a customer buys from our platform. This percentage is calculated based on the overall price of your product on this marketplace.


We are responsible for shipping your products to the location of the customer but you will bear the charges for shipping your products. Although we charge customers a flat rate shipping fee of 2,500 naira as of now, if the money does not cover shipping to customers delivery location or address, you will be responsible for the balance on the shipping fee.


We will notify you via email when a customer places an order for your products. You need to ensure that you have the products you advertise on this store as a customer might place order at anytime. When a customer places an order, you need to get the products ready in 24-48 hours time. Failure to do this might result in penalty or sanction.

For more information and enquiries, contact 09079508492 (Whatsapp only)

Happy selling on Kindy Stores!

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