Beaustem: Supplement for Restoring Your Health


Beaustem is a skin care supplement that helps solve your skin issues and nourishes your skin to look younger.

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Beaustem is a product that is formulated to take care of skin issues effectively. It is made with ingredients like Swiss apple stem, grape stem cell, collagen peptide and others.
This product is a new technology, a revolutionary one formulated to protect the skin using stem cells from plants like Swiss apple.
The grape stem cell has lots of antioxidants they can help to protect the skin from damages caused by the environment. The collagen molecule acts as a binder for the other ingredients and help the skin to absorb them faster.
The ingredients used for this supplement are natural and safe, there is no side effects so you are safe while using them. Beaustem nourishes your skin making it to look younger, rejuvenated and healthy.

Benefits of Beaustem Products

According to the manufacturers of this product there are many benefits of taking Beaustem. Apart from maintaining the skin, it has ingredients that can handle other health issues. Let us look at the benefits of using Beaustem.
  •  It reduces the appearance of aging signs including wrinkles
  •  Beaustem fight bacteria and bacterial infections
  •  It acts as protection for the skin
  •  Maintaining the health of the skin is one benefit of this product
  •  Moisturizing the skin and retaining moisture in the skin
  •  Improving the elasticity of the skin
  •  It act as an anti-inflammatory supplement that helps to get rid of inflammation.
  •  Beaustem of LDL cholesterol in the body can be reduced thereby protecting the cardiovascular health
  •  It helps to reduce the level of sugar in the blood and lower blood pressure
  •  Protection of the skin from damaging particles like free radicals
  •  Beaustem also brighten the skin
  •  This product can help to repair damaged organs
  •  The immune system can be strengthen by using Beaustem
  •  It also prevent common joint pain like knee pain and backache.

Ingredients For Beaustem

Beaustem is made with natural ingredients which include:

 1. Collagen Tripeptides

These collagen tripeptides are collagens that are made up of three amino acid molecules. The molecules are so small that they are called the world’s smallest molecular weight.
The skin absorbs these amino acid molecules directly. In fact, the rate at which the skin absorbs them is estimated to be about 99 percent. This number is higher than the normal absorption rate of collagen.

 2. Plant Stem Cells ( Swiss apple and grape stem cells)

According to research, these plant stem cells can regenerate your body’s cells at an amazing rate. Beaustem uses the amazing regenerative abilities to enhance the skin.
These stem cells are high in antioxidants so they protect the skin from signs of aging and damage from the environment.

 3. Coenzyme Q10

This is a nutrient naturally produced by the body that acts as an antioxidant. This antioxidant is used by the body for growth and maintenance.
The more we grow, the more this enzyme reduces or declines. Studies have also shown that people with certain health conditions like heart diseases have lower levels of coenzyme Q10.
Some of the foods we eat contains this coenzyme. Foods like whole grains, meat and fish have Q10 but in amounts that are lower than what the body needs.
This is one of the reasons why we need supplements that contain this coenzyme to help our body perform functions like repairing damaged organs, lowering blood pressure, regulating the level of blood sugar and keeping it stable, preventing cardiovascular diseases and acting as an antioxidant.

 5. Multivitamins

The body needs vitamins but sometimes, they may be lacking. So, Beaustem is made with multivitamins to replenish and replace lost vitamins needed by the body.

 6. White jelly fungus

There is White jelly fungus in Beaustem. This fungus has lots of natural gums which helps to keep the skin moisturized while removing freckles and chloasma on the face.

7. Torula yeast extract

Beaustem also contains extracts from Torula yeast. This extract helps to improve the condition of the skin, enhance skin barrier, reduce melasma and repair cracked and dry skin.

Dosage of Beaustem and How to Use It

This product is only meant to be taken by adults who are 18 years and above, children should never be given this supplement.
Beaustem comes in powder form in sachets, you just have to mix 1 sachet (that is 10 grams) into a glass of water (100 ml). You should take this two times in a day, morning and night before you eat.

How Does Beaustem Works?

Beaustem does not work like magic, it follows a healthy process to work on your skin. This is possible due to the ingredients used in making the supplement.
The Swiss apple stem cells and grape stem cell goes into your skin to regenerate weak cells. As these plant stem cells are absorbed by the skin, the different cells that had stopped dividing are made to go back and continue dividing and multiplying, doing this leads to replacing of lost tissues.
The coenzyme q10 acts as an antioxidant that clears out free radicals that damage cellembranes, organs and even cause cells to die off. The coenzyme q10 in the product adds to the one naturally produced by your body to fight off these damaging particles.
The skin is maintained by the White jelly fungus and Torula yeast extract in Beaustem. These ingredients keep your skin rejuvenated and looking young.
All these ingredients are able to work because the collagen tripeptides binds these other ingredients and makes it easier for your body to absorb them.

Where Can I Buy Beaustem?

You can buy the product from the official website of the company.

Side Effects of Beaustem

There are no known side effects of using Beaustem, this is because this supplement is approved and verified by many food safety authorities. There are also testimonials by those who have used and tested the effectiveness of this product so it is guaranteed to be safe.


Beaustem is a new product made by combining Swiss apple stem cell, grape stem cell, collagen peptides and other ingredients. Using this product will help to protect your skin stem cells while moisturizing your skin.
This supplement also prevent and relieve other health conditions like blood pressure and sugar, joint pain and organ repair.



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