Revealed: Health Benefits of Bananas you may never know


In this article, you will get to know the various health benefits of bananas and why you should eat them daily. Most people eat banana every day without even bothering to know its health benefits.

Others eat it periodically because they don’t actually know the benefits. After reading this article, who will see the reasons why you need to always take banana.

What is Banana

Banana is one of the most enticing fruit as we all know, it is one of the herbaceous flowering plants and botanically named berry.

Banana is a green curvy arc-like plant that is attached to its bunch, the plant itself has a long or short stem with leaves and has no branch, the maturity period of banana is one year therefore it is said to be an annual crop.

This popular plant can be used for preparing various kinds of delicious meal in its raw states and as fruit in it ripe state.

According to the united nations, statistics has shown that as at 2015 the global export of banana stood at 18,000,000 (eighteen million) ton, showing that about 9,000,000 (nine million) were exported to the united states and the European market. According to the US Department of Agriculture, it is observed that in the United States each person eat up to 11.4 ibs of banana yearly.

Bananas are in various species which are; banana p, scarlet banana p, French plantain p, abaca p, fe’I banana p, hairy banana.

Banana has wide range of health benefits both in its fruit and the ripe peels.

It has a high content of potassium and pectin, contains fibre, magnesium, vitamin C and B6.


 Functions of Bananas: Why you should eat bananas

As a result of the vitamin B6 content in banana it can function in the body in the following ways;

  • Protects against the development of type-2 diabetes
  • Reduction of swellings
  • Aids in preventing obesity
  • Improve and strengthen the nervous system
  • A source of production of white blood cells


Banana as an antioxidant can;

  • Protect the body from free radicals
  • Protect the skin from sunlight to the lotion which we rub on our skin


Unripe green banana can;

  • Help to control gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea and ulcer
  • Assist in lowering the cholesterol content in the body
  • It can be used to lower blood pressure
  • Some researchers have also shown that the lectin content in green bananas could provide some preventive measures for HIV patients.


As banana ripens the level of it nutrient rises making it more nutritious and useful to the body. Note: Bananas that have black spot on it peel is eight-times more effective than the green banana in enhancing the formation and performance of white blood cells. 

Health Benefits of Bananas







Picture of bananas with black spots

The white blood cells help to fight bacteria, fungi, viruses and pathogenic infections in the body.


Below are the nutritious contents found in banana according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration;

Nutritional content of Banana

450mg of potassium which serves 13% daily value

30g of carbohydrate which serve 10% daily value

3g of dietary fibre which serves 12% daily value

19% sugar content

1g of protein

Iron which serves 2% daily value

Vitamin A which serves 2% daily value

Vitamin C which serves 15% daily value

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Health Benefits of Bananas to the human body

The health benefits of Bananas include;

  1. The high potassium and low sodium content in banana helps in keeping the heart active and the potassium content as a mineral electrolyte keeps electricity flowing in the body. Also it helps to protect the cardiovascular system against high blood pressure.

Research has shown that the potassium content helps the arteries blood vessel to work very effectively and makes it flexible.

Arteries stiffness leads to heart disease.


  1. Bananas contains tryptophan and vitamin B6, the body converts the tryptophan into serotonin (mood elevating brain neurotransmitter). And the vitamin  B6 content gives a sound sleep. The magnesium in it aid muscles relaxation. The tryptophan that is very good in sleeping helps to reduce depression.


  1. Bananas is very good when it comes to reduction of fats. It helps in reducing weight as a result of the vitamin B6 in it.


  1. Banana contains resistant starch which helps to control blood sugar. It also increases the formation of short chain fatty acids in the gut.


  1. Banana helps in keeping the body physically fit. The serotonin and dopamoine improves the antioxidant capacity which helps oxidative stress thereby improving one’s performance.


  1. Banana is a very good therapy for good vision. Although it is said that red fruits are very good for the eye but banana also plays its own vital role in supporting a good vision although it is not red.

This is as a result of the vitamin A, it improves night vision and maintain normal eye sight. It helps the eye to view image clearly. This may be one of the health benefits of bananas you never knew.


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  1. Banana helps to reduce the risk of kidney cancer. This is as a result of the antioxidant phenolic compound that is present in it.


  1. Gestational diabetes causes lack of sleep during pregnancy can you can prevent it by eating banana fruit. This is as a result of the magnesium and tryptophan content in it.

And can also help in the DNA which may make it possible to have a baby boy but all the same we believe that God is in charge of that. Of course, you didn’t know that this is another health benefits of bananas


  1. Fructooligosaccharides is a non-digestive carbohydrate content present in bananas . This content helps the digestive friendly probiotics thereby enhancing the body to absorb calcium which helps in keeping the bone strong.

Now that you know all the health benefits of banana, I believe that you will be eating this fruit every day.


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