Clove Soaked in Water for Infection


How does clove soaked in water for infection handles infection? Cloves are flower buds usually attributed to Indonesia, they are commonly used as spice.

These cloves have a sweet flavor and can be used for flavoring foods. Asides from that, these cloves can also be used in the manufacturing of some toiletries like soap and in most cases toothpaste e.t.c. These cloves have been found to possess a lot of health benefits to both males and females.      

The clove sometimes can be consumed as it appears naturally but it is much more better to soak this clove in water before taking it as it seems to be more effective in that form.

In this article, we will be talking about colve soaked soaked in water for infections. That is, how clove soaked in water can be used to handle infections most especially in the females body.

Benefits of drinking clove water

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of drinking clove water first before talking about how it can handle infections.

The following have been seen to be the benefits of drinking clove water ;       

FIGHTS INDIGESTION: It has been proven that drinking clove water wages a serious war against indigestion , it does this by triggering the salivary gland to secret more saliva which in turn helps to facilitate digestion process. 

REGULATION OF BLOOD SUGAR: Drinking clove water does not only fight indigestion but it also helps to regulate blood sugar. It is said that the clove contains some chemicals which helps to induce more insulin production. This insulin produced plays a very big role in blood sugar regulation so this implies that drinking clove water is very beneficial especially to the diabetics.      

IMMUNITY: Clove water contains many vitamins & minerals that helps to build up immunity of your body, so it is advisable to drink clove water as regular as possible so as to keep your body away from infections such as flu and to stay healthy.       

PROMOTES BONE HEALTH: Old age visits us with a lot of ailments of which weak bone (osteoporosis) is one of them and it does us so many harm and also prevents us from doing a whole lot of things, but all thanks to clove water. Drinking clove water regularly has been proven to promote bone health by supplying minerals that are necessary to the bones. By doing this, the bone density is being increased, the strength of the bone is also increased. What are you waiting for , go grab yourself some clove and take the water as regular as possible but not in excess.    

Other benefits of drinking clove water includes: It helps to fight inflammation- it has Antibacterial properties- it helps in weight reduction – it helps to keep the body hydrated.


 clove soaked in water for infection
clove soaked in water for infection

The high rate of infections has led a lot of people to seeking for solutions, many have asked questions like “what is the most effective way to treat infections “, ” how can infections be treated without side effects “

Well in this article we will talk about that, we are going to show you how to use clove soaked in water to treat infections majorly in the females.   

As a lady, it is important that you wash your vagina with clove soaked in water as it helps a lot in fighting against vaginal yeast infections, vaginal odour and so on.  

This is because cloves have Antibacterial property which helps it to fight against germs and yeasts and also prevents many other from growing in our body.  

These cloves have been proven to contain a chemical called EUGENOL and this eugenol is very active and it destroys candida yeast cells setting you free from all sought of yeast infections and keeping you healthy. 

How to Prepare Clove Soaked in Water for Infection

  • Get as many cloves as possible because you would like to make enough.
  • Get a clean container which has a very tight cover 
  • Pour the clove inside the container already filled with water ( it is important to mix in a proportion in which the water will be higher than the cloves).
  • leave for at least two days 
  • take the water morning and night.   

Note : it is advisable that pregnant women stay away from drinking clove water as it may have side effects on them

When you take this clove water regularly