Double Plus Non-Recommended Glasses




Double Plus Non-recommended glasses is a fashionable optical frame that is produced with quantum energy to protect and maintain eye health. It can protect the eyes from blue light damage.

Blue light is the interaction with the light of the digital screen and the external light source, Bluelight with the wavelength of 385-445nm is considered harmful and it is found in the light sources of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computer monitors and LED lights. It is known that prolonged exposure to blue lights can cause soreness and discomfort to the eyes.

Benefits of Double Plus Non-Recommended Glasses

  •  With quantum energy it can promote the eye movement, activate the
    eye cell tissue, promote the blood circulation of eye cells, enhance the elasticity of eye muscle tissue.
  • Helps the extra eye muscles to be in a relaxed state, relieve the spasm/cramp of ciliary muscle, relieve the scleral compression phenomenon, and improve the regulation function of eyes through the activation of human cells.
  • It can relax, adjust, promote eye blood circulation and enhance ciliary muscle stretching.
  • Improves immunity and restore self – healing ability
  • It can enhance the adjustment function of myopia and hyperopia and alleviate the discomfort of myopia and hyperopia.

What is the Price of Double Plus Non Recommended Glasses in Nigeria

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Where to buy Double Plus Non Recommended Glasses

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Double Plus

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