Dynamogen (20 Ampoules)



Dynamogen is an oral solution that contains the amino acids, Glutodine and Arginine aspartate which is capable of suppressing physical and mental asthenia as well as lack of appetite. It blocks the action of histamine. It is used to control, improve, treat and prevent certain conditions, symptoms and diseases like anorexia, dementia, migraine, vasomotor rhinitis, etc.

Health Benefits of Dynamogen

  • Helps with loss of appetite.
  • Treats vasomotor rhinitis.
  • Treats allergic conjunctivitis due to inhalant allergen and foods.
  • Treats anorexia.
  • Relieves migraine and vascular headache.
  • Controls allergic reaction to blood or plasma.
  • Reduces brain fatigue.
  • Helps with dementia and adynamia.

How to Use

  • Separate the ampoule
  • Tear the tip by rotating the ampoule
  • Turn the ampoule then squeeze and pour the liquid into a glass


Many people are asking if it is possible to use dynamogen for weight regain, well we are here in this article to talk about it and we will also talk about it. The answer to that question is YES it is a weight gain syrup. It helps to improve your appetite as said earlier, when this happens, you tend to eat much more than you use to do and this can make you gain weight. It works like other weight gain syrups.


For children: Give one (1) ampoule twice a day, preferably half an hour before main meals. For children with severe anorexia or significant weight deficits, a dose of three (3) ampoules every 24 hours is recommended. For adult: Three ampoules per day is recommended. Note: Do not give to children below the age of two(2). Do not take dynamogen if pregnant.


20 ampoules which is 10ml each

Where to Buy

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The content of this drug can cause some side effects. Just like all the drugs we take have one side effect or the other, it also has side effects and they include;


The cyproheptadine alpha-ketoglutarate content of dynamogen can cause drowsiness. therefore, you are not expected to take it when you are driving or when you have plans of driving because it could cost you your life .


It has been proven that excessive intake of this drug most especially in children can cause the above mentioned side effects. With this been said, it is important that you follow the doctors prescription and don’t overdose on this dynamogen for your own good.

Note: Diabetic patients are not supposed to take this drug as it contains 3.58g of saccharose per 10ml ampoule and this content can improve the blood sugar level. So diabetics patients should avoid taking it.


This drug is a very good syrup, it helps to lift a lot of ailments from us and can also help to improve body weight. However, excessive consumption of this drug is very detrimental to the body especially to the young children. So it is important to take this drug responsibly. It is important to note that it is not meant for lactating mothers and diabetic people so if you belong to any of the category stay away from it. Finally dynamogen has no effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle.


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