Faforon Herbal Stem Cell



Faforon herbal stem cell is 100% organic and purely natural supplement specially formulated to cleanse the system and take care of most health issues.

This product takes care of diabetes, ulcer, fibroid, infections, infertility in both men and women, irregular and painful menstruation, it rejuvenates, repairs damaged cells in the body, reduces high blood pressure, prevents cancer, assists in weight control, reverses aging reduces cholesterol, builds/boost blood, boosts appetite, aids visual health, strengthens the bone, detoxifies the liver, cures insomnia, boosts immune system, curbs HIV crises, heals ulcer, boosts memory and glows the skin.

Health Benefits of Faforon Herbal Stem Cell

  • Rejuvenates and reduces crises on sickle cell patients
  • Rejuvenates and prolongs lives of HIV/AIDS patients
  • Combats free radicals, controls aging, and promote skin freshness
  • Aids normal development of foetus.
  • Promotes male and female Fertility
  • Cures loss of appetite and constipation
  • Builds blood cells (haematinic) and promotes long life
  • Faforon herbal stem cell boosts the immune system and cleanses the circulatory system
  • Eliminates toxic wastes, increases staying power and serves as a natural anti-oxidant
  • Prevents pregnancy crises, keeps mother and baby healthy
  • Promotes free flow of blood and reduces cholesterol
  • Energizes and helps patients recover quickly
  • Total cure for chronic insomnia
  • Promotes healthy menstrual flow
  • Improves child’s health and retentive memory

Faforon herbal stem cell comes in 500ml and 250ml respectively

Dosage of Faforon Herbal

Take 20 ml two time daily, that is 20 ml in the morning before meal and 20 ml last thing at night

The discounted price of faforon herbal is 10,000 naira only. Order online on Kindystores




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