Fohow Products for Prostate




Fohow Products for Prostate comprises of Sanqing Oral Liquid, six flavor tea, Fohow Oral liquid, ganoderma, garlic and ares.

Fohow Products for Prostate include;

  1. Fohow Oral Liquid is a curative supplement which serves as an additional source of CHO, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It’s an immune booster product, treats chronic infection, and heart related problems.
  2. Ganoderma has anti-tumor, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties that is capable of shrinking enlarged prostate
  3. Garlic has many health benefits for men and in fighting prostate cancer
  4. Fohow Ares
  5. Six Flavour Tea
  6. Sanqing Oral Liquid
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