Green Tea Fresh Toothpaste



Green Tea Fresh Toothpaste conains green tea formula & peppermint flavor that keeps mouth fresh for a long time.

Various effects protect gums, remove dental plaque, strengthen enamel and make you have healthy teeth.

Ingredient of Green Tea Fresh Toothpaste

Green tea extract

Benefits of Smacin Toothpaste

Protect Gum, Remove Dental Plaque, Strengthen Tooth Enamel, and Strengthen Teeth, Fresh Breath, and Whitening Teeth.

Expert Advice:

Considering this product contains ethanol, please put it in a shady and cool place, far away from fire and heat sources. It is a product for external use, not allowing oral administration. Keep it out of reach of children. Those who are allergic to ethanol shall use it with caution. Please seek professional help in case of accidental swallowing.

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