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Greenlife Anticol Tea is a herbal supplement that is known to be one of the most popular herbal beverages in China. It has broad usage in preventing influenza, common cold, headache,and cough.

Benefits of Greenlife Anticol Tea

  • It is used for stopping influenza and common cold, headache, cough, swollen and sore throat.

  • Boost the immune system and improve one’s general health.

Active Ingredients of Greenlife Anticol Tea

  • Isatis root (radix Isatidis)

Also known as Ban-Lang-Gen in Chinese, is a traditional chinese medicine that has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of influenza, viral pneumonia, mumps, pharyngitis and hepatitis.

  • Isatis leaf (Folium Isatidis)

The leaf of Radix Isatidis plant. The extract of this leaf is a common herbal medicine used by the traditional chinese medicine, to be effective against fevers, common colds and respiratory tract infections.

Recommended Dosage of Greenlife Anti col Tea

  • Each pack contains 20 sachets.

  • Take one sachet, 2-3 times daily and mix with warm water.


  • This product is not for pregnant women.

  • Keep products out of the reach of children.

What is the Price of Greenlife Anticol Tea in Nigeria

The best and affordable price for this product is available at Kindy Stores.

Where to buy Greenlife Anticol Tea

This product is available at Kindy Stores.



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