Greenlife Water Dispenser

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Greenlife Water Dispenser is a must have plastic dispenser for water and juice. A perfect solution for water and juice lovers. It stands at 11 inches tall and with a 3 1/2-inch diameter and this dispenser holds up to 64 ounces (1 gallon). Its airtight spout cap lid ensures your drinks remain fresh until consumption.

It is Ideal for homes and offices, it offers easy access to homemade juices without taking up much space in your refrigerator. Enjoy convenience and functionality with this compact, 11″x3½” container that holds over one gallon of liquid. Quench your thirst effortlessly with Greenlife’s Liquid Dispenser for Water and Juice.

Key Features of Greenlife Water Dispenser

  • The Monolayer Dispenser For Water And Juice offers a strong base and easy dismantling for cleaning.
  • It has an 11-liter capacity for hassle-free water dispensing
  • The large filter allows adding fruits, tea, juice, or ice, ensuring a lasting supply
  • Made from durable Polyethylene material
  • The base provides ice storage for refreshing cold drinks
  • Easy-to-re-fill design for convenient filling of each layer
  • Perfect for serving juice, cocktails, lemonade, and punch at parties and evenings.

How to Use Greenlife Water Dispenser

  • Fill the dispenser with water or juice up to its maximum capacity of 64 ounces (1 gallon).
  •  The dispenser boasts an airtight spout cap lid, which preserves the freshness of your drinks until you’re ready to use them.
  • To pour your drink, lift the spout cap lid and effortlessly pour the liquid into your glass or container.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Make sure to properly secure the lid to prevent spills or leaks.
  • Thoroughly clean the dispenser before and after each use.
  • Use the dispenser exclusively for water or juice, refraining from using it for acidic or alcoholic beverages.
  • Handle the dispenser with care while transporting it to avoid accidental spills or drops.




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