iLife Plant Multi Function Cleaner

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iLife Plant multi function cleaner uses natural plant extracts, can carry out sterilization that is non-toxic and non-irritating, suitable for surface cleaning of various household appliances and removal of pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables.

Benefits of iLife Plant Multi Function Cleaner

Cleaning the surface of fruit, vegetables, dish towels, cutting board, tableware, kitchenware,refrigerators, microwave ovens household items, cloth sofas, glass ceramics, children’s toys, plastic products, household appliances and flooring

Like to eat those fruits or vegetables but not sure how clean they are? Even by washing with water, it will not clean off all those wax, germs or pesticides from the surface. These are very harmful to our body once it enters into our system.

iLife Plant Multi Function Cleaner

Let our Greenleaf iLife Plant Multi-Function Cleaner cleans off all the harmful wax, germs or pesticides and eat your vegetables and fruits the safe way. No more worries.

iLife Plant Multi Function Cleaner

Clean them before you eat. You can REALLY taste the actual fruit/vegetables. The one thing we notice is how crunchy the fruit/vegetables have become.



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