Names of Manpower Drugs in Nigeria


In this article, we will cover the names of manpower drugs in Nigeria with their examples. The quest to last longer in bed and to satisfy ones counterpart has led many people into seeking for what to take in order to improve their performance. Most of them take many things of which they call “man power drugs “.    

These manpower drugs are drugs taken to make a person last longer in bed. Manpower drugs in Nigeria have been said to have categories and such categories includes; Bitter, fruits and vegetables, roots and so on .   

Now let’s discuss these categories and names of manpower drugs in Nigeria that belongs to each of the categories. 

Various Category Names of Manpower Drugs


The names of manpower drugs that belongs to the bitter category includes:

  • Alomo bitters
  • Action bitters, osomo bitters, current bitters, zazzu bitters etc
  • Dadubule, monkey tail
  • Kolaq 
  • Erujeje
  • Orijin bitters, agbara

They are made from the mixture of roots and herbs that contains phytochemicals with water or alcohol.

It is meant to be consumed some minutes before sexual intercourse. Many people have testified that these bitter manpower drugs are effective.       


The man power in Nigeria that belongs to this category includes. Palm wine, kayan mata, Banana, water melon, Bitter kola, tiger nut. Most of us consume these fruits without even knowing that it helps to improve sexual performance. These fruits and vegetables are really good when it comes to making you Last longer and satisfying your partner. Bitter kola for one is very effective and might be rated as one of the most effective amongst the fruits and vegetables category.    


This category includes those man power drugs that were made strictly from the roots of plants, it does not involve the use any herbs as in the bitter category, the man power drugs in the category are ; Garlic in water, Gingko Biloba, alcoholic roots soak (monkey tail), cattle stick, Goat head, tribulus terrestis


This is legal prescription that helps to improve sexual performance, it helps to increase the intensity of erection by allowing greater blood flow into the penis and it also helps to delay ejaculation. This is one of the safest way to improve sexual performance without any side effect unless when misused.

The manpower drugs under this category includes; 

  • Sildenafil
  • Dapoxetine 
  • Alprostadil
  • Stendra
  • Vardenafil

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Unlike the virga that is legally approved, the manpower drugs under this category are not approved for one reason or the other, they are being smuggled and sold. These drugs are not made for treatment of Sexual dysfunctions but many people believe that it does work for them.

In conclusion, all the above listed drugs are manpower drugs in Nigeria. Most of them are effective like the ones in the virga category and also those in fruit and vegetables especially the bitter kola.

In as much as those in virga are effective, it is important to take them according to the doctors prescription because any missuse or attempt to overdose can be very detrimental as it may lead to may health complications that may lead to death.

Also, it is advisable to stay away from all the illegal drugs taken to improve sexual performance. Those drugs are not approved because of one reason or the other so taking them means exposing your self to much risk that might cost you your life . If you want to improve your sexual performance, meet a medical personnel for prescription and always eat fruits and vegetables as they will help you a lot.