17 Important Things to Know When Preparing For Fatherhood


Expecting a baby is amazing but you have to be prepared for the baby. Yeah! you have to be prepared to be a father. So, in this article you are going to share with you the 17 things you need to know when preparing for fatherhood

Knowing you are about to be a father comes with a lot of mixed feelings, from happiness to stress to anxiety and many more even when it is something you have always wanted it to happen.

Recommended items needed as you are preparing for fatherhood

Truth be told, no matter how you’ve anticipated being a father, it is difficult to ever feel completely prepared to become a father.

However, in this article, we have highlighted some guides to put you through your preparing for fatherhood.

Preparing for Fatherhood
Preparing for Fatherhood

17 Guides You Need In Preparing For Fatherhood

1. Do Some Research

When preparing for fatherhood, even if you are not the one physically carrying the baby, you can definitely get involved. Your partner does not have to be the only one who gets necessary information about pre and post birth.

We are in a world with a lots of writers and lots of books which includes books written for expectant fathers.

We have the internet and some online groups which you could research and read on what you need to know about pregnancy and parenting especially if you are going to be a first time parent.

With adequate research, you can be a good support to your partner during pregnancy and a better father to your baby when the baby finally arrives.

2. Talk To Your Partner About Parenting

This is a very important thing to discuss about with your partner as you are preparing for fatherhood. Here, you get to know what kind of parents you want to be.

a. Do you want your baby to stay in separate room or in the same room with you?

b. Do you want your baby to be breastfed or you prefer feeding your baby processed milk?

c. Will you need a baby sitter for your baby?

These are things you won’t have time to discuss about once the baby arrives and this communications helps you to make the right decisions for your baby.

3. Share Responsibility With Your Partner

A lot of fathers feel the mother gets to breastfeed the child, bath the child, feed the child, cuddle the child to sleep which makes their role as a father less important, but it is.

You definitely can’t allow your partner take care of your baby and still cook, do the laundry, do the dishes and other chores, she could get mentally down.

Sharing responsibilities, more like division of labor is the best way to handle the situation. Know all the tasks available and strike a balance schedule. This way, you both get to free each other of stress and have enough time to rest.

4. Pay Attention To Your Partners Need

This could really help your partner’s health. Be there for your partner as much as possible. Always have her favorite, do what she likes, make her know she is strong when she faces her nausea especially in the advances stage of pregnancy.

By doing so, you keep your partner and your baby happy and healthy.

5. Learn From Fathers

As you are preparing for fatherhood, you might have friends who are already fathers or you could talk to your father and father in-law. Observe other fathers to understand your child better.

Learning from someone who is familiar with the challenges of fatherhood gives you an answer on how to handle every stage of fatherhood.


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6. Try To Attend Parenting Classes

In every parenting class, you get to ask your own questions and learn about the health of your wife and baby. It is important to create time from your schedule to attend every of these classes with your partner.

This class will teach you the necessary things you need to know like how to change your baby diapers, how to hold you baby, how to feed your baby and lot more.

7. Mingle With Babies

As you are preparing for fatherhood you become more confident that you can handle your baby when you spend time with other babies.

If you do not have friends or relatives who have babies, you could visit a baby daycare, you would learn a whole lot.

Mingle With Babies

8. Be Connected To Your Baby

Your presence in your child’s life is a gift to them and to yourself. The mother gets to connect with the baby naturally in the womb but as a father, you need to do the talking, holding, singing, feeding, playing to get that connection.

Be more involved during the pregnancy period to adapt to your baby after birth.

9. Have Diapers In Store

Yeah, you are preparing for fatherhood (expecting a baby) so you would be needing a lot of diapers. A new born baby needs to change diapers at least five times a day and you would not want to run out of it.

It is also important for you and your partner to discuss which diapers you will be using for your baby.

10. Decide Where The Baby Will Sleep

This is really important. Some parents do not want their baby sleeping alone in a separate room while others would like their baby to have a room of their own.

If you want the baby to sleep in a separate room, ensure it is ready with nice and fancy painting, toys, a crib and other necessities.

If you decide that your baby should stay in the same room with you, get a co-sleeping bed or create a space for your baby’s crib.

11. Get An Infant Car Seat

When preparing for fatherhood, it is important you get an infant car seat. Learn how to install and use the infant car seat correctly.

You could practice how to place the baby correctly in the car seat by using a doll. This is to ensure your baby’s safety.

12. Be Your Partner’s Timekeeper

Help your partner as much as you can. Simply be her timekeeper. Remind her of appointments with her gynecologist, remind her of her antenatal, remind her to take her medications etc.

13. Do Not Neglect Your Health

It is necessary to focus on your health before the baby arrives. If you smoke or drink, pregnancy is the best time to quite because of your health will definitely affect how you treat your baby and might in turn affect your baby’s health.

Eat healthy, add some fiber-rich and immune boost in foods to your menu. Adapt to eating healthy. Exercise regularly to keep fit. Visit your Doctor and get vaccinated.

This is because, after the baby is born, you might have to skip meals because your baby needs a lot of attention.

14. You Need To Sleep

Sleep as much as you can before your baby arrives. Yes, because babies do not actually “sleep like babies” anymore.

They do not sleep a lot. They wake up several times at night, keeping you awake too. When the baby arrives, you can sleep in shifts, take naps whenever you can.

Whatever you do, make sure everyone in the house has a change to sleep so as to avoid fatigue.

15. Know That Your Sexlife may Change

It is great to have all the sex you need during pregnancy because when the baby arrives, you have to pay lots of attention to your baby. Sex after pregnancy will take sometime.

Medically, your partner needs about 6 weeks to heal after the labor and delivery. It is very important to be sensitive to all the changes you both are going to experience. Do not feel bad or rejected, your sex life will certainly return to normal again.

16. Always Visit Your Gyneacologist Or Obstetrician (Doctor)

You, your partner and your Doctor need to be close. Ask all the questions you need to ask.

Know what type of birth plan your Doctor has chosen or placed for your partner during labor. Do not fail to attend all consultations.

17. Celebrate Your Baby In Advance

You can consider hosting a co-parent baby shower so you can be part of the fun. Keep journals about how you are feeling and the pregnancy journey so far.

Plan the event with your partner, go shopping with your partner to choose items for the baby, take pictures during the pregnancy.

This documentations brings joy when the baby finally arrives. Fatherhood comes with a lot of mixed feelings. Yes!!!

It is very important to be prepared so you enjoy being not just a father but unique dad to your baby.