Sugar Lumps Sweetener




Sugar Lumps Sweetener is refined sugar which has been pressed or cast into a particular shape. Chemically, refined sugar is ultra-pure sucrose which has been obtained from white sugar by dissolution and re-crystallization. Its is 99.9% sucrose. Refined sugar is white in color with sparkling crystals.

It is mainly for ladies, these candy cubes are small cubes of candies, it is lickable, used to avoid virginal dryness, burns or pains and also help to secrete vag fluid/juice thereby making you wett and juiccy.

Benefits of Sugar Lumps Sweetener

  • It aids virginal lubrication and sweetness
  • Boost libido
  • Prevent burns and pains during s*x
  • Makes you dripping
  • Enhance your sexual life

Side Effects of Sugar Lumps Sweetener

Sugar lumps sweetener is 100% cane sugar, natural and save for consumption. When it is exposed to moisture, lump sugar is susceptible to mold and yeast growth. It also depreciation as the result of infestation by rats, mice, ants, flies and silverfish.

How to use Sugar Lumps

Lick 5-10 cubes at once, wait for 1hour to circulate all round your body system and the action starts when the lady is been romanced.

Please note; the price depend on the quantity you are buying.


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