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Titan gel is a product formulated to increase the size of the penis, improve libido and sexual performance. It is applied on the penis to also Increase the time spent during intercourse. Titan gel is a new product but fast becoming popular in treating issues associated with men’s sexual performance.
There are many studies conducted in Philippines that showed this product is effective in enlarging the penis and improving sexual performance generally, the results were positive for about 85 percent in participants.
Titan gel is made with natural herbs and extracts from plants that are tested in laboratory and proven to be effective. These ingredients were used in traditional medicines for treating diseases. So, it is safe to say that Titan gel is very natural.
One feature of Titan gel is that it can act as a lubricant, it gives a smooth but silky texture that provides massage to your sexual organs. The gel comes with a sweet fragrance that keeps sensations high and for longer periods.
There are two types of Titan gel – red (special gel) and gold (intimate gel). In this article, we will focus on Titan gel special gel.

Benefits of Using Titan Gel

The benefits of using Titan gel include:
  1. You can use it even while using sex toys like vacuum pump, extenders and others.
  2. The product is very gentle on the skin, it does not cause rashes or bumps.
  3. Titan gel is a gentle lubricant that does not stain your clothes nor stick to your skin. It is just like an oil and can be washed off easily.
  4. The fragrance is sweet and increases sexual arousal. It can also increase the period of time sexual activities last.
  5. It can be used during vaginal, oral or anal sex, it is safe.
  6. Titan gel can improve blood circulation, this makes erection to last longer.
  7. The ingredients can stimulate the production of testosterone
  8. It stimulates the nervous system and improve your concentration and awareness during sexual performance.

Ingredients for Titan Gel

 1. Hyaluronic Acid

This is a slippery substance produced naturally by the body, it occurs mostly in the joints, eyes and skin. This substance is very important as it has benefits like keeping your skin hydrated. It hold water, just a little amount of hyaluronic acid can retain large amount of water.
This acid also works as a lubricant that keeps the joints and bones safe from grinding against each other. Hyaluronic acid is mostly used in skin care and cosmetic products as it can fix the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.
One important use of hyaluronic acid to sexual health is that it can lubricate the sexual organs and increase the levels of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This acid is not only good for men as it can reduce vaginal dryness during sexual activities.

2. Succinic Acid

This is a soluble crystal that taste like acid, it is used in making medicines, lacquers and perfume esters. Succinic acid can stimulate the nervous system and enhance awareness and concentration. All these are needed during sexual activities.
Succinic acid can also be used to treat symptoms of sexual problems that may lead to poor sexual health. However, currently there is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

 3. Verbena Extract

This plant has been used in making traditional medicines in Europe, it is mostly used to treat gyneacological issues in women like irregular menstruation, urinary tract infections and disorders with the nervous system.
Verbena extract is also useful to men’s sexual and reproductive health. It can stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone. This hormones is responsible for activating the Leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone and make more sperm.
Verbena extract can also stimulate Follitropin (FSH), a hormone that helps the sperm cells to form properly.

 4. Strawberry Extract

Strawberry is known to have lots of antioxidants that can cause more blood flow to the sex organs and increase excitement and arousal during sexual activities.
This fruit is also rich in zinc and this will help to boost the production of testosterone, this will increase your libido and sperm production.

How Does Titan Gel Work?

When you rub Titan gel on your penis, the extracts and acids steeps into your skin and work on the cells. These ingredients have been proven to be effective through researches and laboratory tests.
Ingredients like verbena and strawberry extracts contains amino acids and active pectins, these help to increase the size of the penis. This is possible as the amino acids makes the blood vessels wider and lead to harder and longer erections.
The pectin on the other hand forms the intracellular fluid and cellular walls while attracting more fluid to the penis and increase the size.
The hyaluronic acid retains the fluid attracted by the pectins and use same fluid to hydrate the penis at all times. Together, these ingredients heat the skin and open up the pores, go deep into the skin and increase the size of the penis.
The succinic acid focuses on the nervous system and enhance your awareness and concentration thereby heightening the desire and pleasure. The sweet fragrance of the gel increases sensation and emotions.

How To Use Titan Gel

Follow the steps below if you want to use Titan gel:
  1.  Wash your penis with soap and water
  2. Pat dry your penis with a towel
  3. Squeeze small quantity of the gel about 0.5-2 ml on your palm and massage your penis.
  4. This should be done gently but make sure the entire surface of your penis is massaged including under the penis.
  5. Massage very well till the gel is fully soaked into the skin.
 You can use Titan gel on condoms as a lubricant. There is an exercise recommended to get better result, this exercise is known as jelqing. Note that you will do this exercise when your penis so about 40 to 80 percent erect, do not wait till it is fully erect.
Follow these steps to perform the exercise:
• Roll your thumb and index finger to form a ring or U-shape, make sure your palm is facing up or down. The position is very important is it helps to draw more blood and make it easier for you to massage the penis.
• Roll your fingers up and down your penis to warm it before you start the exercise. Warming before the main exercise will make your tissues flexible and get the blood vessels ready.
• Place the oil on your palm and massage the penis with your thumb and index finger in a ring shape.

When Do You Get Result?

If you massage the penis very well, you will see results up to 20 percent and the more you continue the massages and exercises, the more results you get.
Using the gel and massaging your penis very well one to three times every day for about one to two months will give you significant results within 3 to 4 weeks.
In about 2 weeks, you will notice improvements in your sexual desire and your penis will likely grow up to 2 cm in diameter and length.
By the third week, your penis will grow more and your erection will last longer than usual, your sensation and arousal will also heighten.
After the fourth week, your penis will grow longer, your sex life will be much better, your erections and orgasms will be longer and you will have more sexual desires.

Are There Side Effects of Using Titan Gel?

There are side effects but these effects are mild and likely go away on their own after sometime.
These effects include:
• Mild tingling sensation around the penis
• Swelling of the penis
• Mild burning
• Stinging
• Redness of the penis
• Inflammation and irritation of the skin
If these side effects do not go away after some time, you should see a doctor immediately. Most of these effects are experienced if you buy the fake Titan gel. This is possible as there are fake of this product in the market.

Customers Reviews on Titan Gel

Customers that have used Titan Gel testified on our effective the product is.

Some of the reviews are:

According to Berbier M. “I like how how easy it is to use on the body, i am Super satisfied and would definitely recommend”.

“Great titan gel. Works as I expected”. Thanks. From Micheal.

G. Olivier, says, “the product is very good! Works as expected”. Highly recommended

“It Works so good for me! Will order again”. Thanks. Alliod,

According to Alain, “It worked great for me!! Enjoyed my experience. Will certainly order it again”.

Where Can You Buy Titan Gel?

You can purchase Titan Gel on Kindy Stores


Titan gel is a lubricant that helps to increase the size of the penis, improve sexual desire and arousal, enhance concentration and keep your sensations heighten during sexual performance.
It is made with safe ingredients that cause no harm, the gel can be used during any type of sexual activities including vaginal and oral sex. You are to use Titan gel to massage your penis thoroughly and gently.

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