What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed in Nigeria


In this write up titled “What to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria”, I will bring to our door step certain things men can drink to last longer in bed up to 30-45 minutes of sexual intercourse.

Having an healthy relationship which may culminate into marriage is very vital in Nigerian society.

Nigeria is a populous country of about 220 million people in which women constitutes about 47-48 percent of the population. That is to say Nigerian women are about up to 107million out of the total of 220 million people.

African women in general do appreciate men than have high sexual performance and can last longer in bed.

It makes women to be fustrated if a men has low sexual drive and cannot performed optimally in bed including lasting longer in bed up to 15minutes of sexual intercourse. This has brought a lot of problem in relationships and marriages.

Most of broken marriages and relationship that we experience today in Nigeria is lack sexual satisfaction to both partners.

In this blog post, I will carefully discuss what Nigerian men should drink in preparation for maximal sexual performance. This will enable make men gain their respect before their partners and restores that dignity that was lost and make them stand tall. If Nigerian men should follow this write up carefully, then, they can last longer in bed as long as they want.

Later in this post , they will learn about what to drink inorder to last longer in bed.

Things to Avoid in order to last longer in bed

Excessive alcohol intake

First, I want to say that most Nigerian men do engage in taking much of alcohols inorder to boost their sexual drive and performance.

Unfortunately, this is not the best thing to do in order to enhance optimal sexual performance. Taking of alcohol before sex is highly discouraged.

Alcohol lowers sexual drive and very detrimental to health. Most of the kidney and liver diseases is caused by execessive alcohol intake. So, men should know that alcohol is not a good option for promoting sexual drive.

Smoking of Marijuana

This is very common in Nigerian society. Most men takes marijuana otherwise called cannabis weed to get intoxicated inorder to enhance their sexual lives. This is strongly discourage because marijuana can cause serious lungs infection as well as blood cancer. About 50percent of mental disorderliness is traceable to somoking of marijuana and idian hemp.

Depression and Stress

Most men cannot last longer in bed because of depression and stress. An avarege Nigerian man does not take leave for vacation to have stress relief and depression. Vacation to a serene and relax environment is highly recommended for men who wants to boost their sexual drive . Depression is a physchological problem which culminates to sadness , bad temper and wrong imaginations. The first cure to depression is joy and happiness.


Nigeria has high poverty index due to bad economy and low standard of living. Malnutrition is inability to eat balance diet which comprises of the combination of essential classes of food including proteins and fruits. When the body is not well build up to produce good and sufficient hormones which are stimulated in sufficient quantity during orgasm, then there is a high probability that the man will not last longer in bed . So, eating good and well balanced meal is recommended.

What to Drink to Last Longer in Bed in Nigeria

1. Natural Watermelon Drink

Watermelons are generally rich in certain amino acids and contains about 75 percent water to keep the body hydrated throughout the sexual intercourse.

Watermelon helps in proper blood circulation and ensures adequate blood supply to pennis for erection which in turns enables one to last longer in bed naturally without struggle.

2. Longvigor Coffe

Longvigor coffee contains red gingseng, sea cucumber and oyster as main ingredients. It’s men’s petrol refill station that helps men to boost their libido, and regain confidence as a man when having sex. It also gives nourishment, enhances resistance, stimulates energy, ignites passion and reduces fatigue.
It makes the man a real man, ladies benefits most as they will enjoy every bit of it.

3. Banana Drink

Banana drink or juice can be made from banana fruit using juice extractor.

It worth to mention that banana drink contains a lot of mineral nutrients such as vitamin B complex, magnessium as well as potassium and little quantity of iron.

This will provide one with stamina during sexual intercourse and make one last longer in bed.

4. Current Bitters

This is an herbal alcoholic drink produced in Western Afican countries especially in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Odogwu bitters and current bitters are sex enhancer.

It is very good for the body and increases sexual drive and stamina. Because of its alcoholic content, it should be taken with pescription.

5. Tiger Nut Drink

Tiger nut drink is made from tigernut fruit using layed down procedures and processes. Tiger nut drink is rich in vitamins C and D, potassium , phosporus and magnessium.

This drink provides the body with enough energy and stamina durinf sexual intercourse. Its ensures adequate supply of blood to the penis. Tigernut drink is most recommended. Moderate quantity should be taken to avoid abuse.

6. Pineapple Juice drink

Pineapple contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. It helps in the production of semen and nourishes the sperm for viability.

This juice helps as immune booster and most importantly helps in preventing premature ejaculation. This juice gives men enough energy and stamina during sexual intercourse.


The above 6 drinks are what to drink to last longer in bed in Nigeria. Men that want to last longer in bed should take one of the above drinks before sexual intercourse. There may be other useful drinks such as vigor chocolate that could help men to get stamina for prolong sex