5 Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones


What are the 5 Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones?

Tonsil stones also known as tonsillitis are hard white or yellow formations that are found on or within the crevices of the tonsils. They occur mostly in the palatine and sometimes lingual tonsils. Tonsil stones are not health threatening, rather they give off unpleasant effects one of which is bad breath.

Depending on the size of the stone, the tonsils may swell up in some cases. The sizes of tonsil stones vary; it could be as small as a grain or as large as a grape weighing from about 0.3g to 42g.

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We can’t fully evaluate the remedy for these stones without fully looking at the cause. The tonsils are lumps of tissue at the back of the throat and are part of the lymphatic system. You may have one on each side.

5 Best Mouthwashes For Tonsil Stones
Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones

The tonsils trap germs coming in through the mouth and nose thereby fighting and preventing infections. If your tonsils are crevices and tunnels called tonsil crypts. This is where these germs are trapped. When, bacteria feed on this, it gives off odor. The bacteria and trapped germs combine then after sometime harden and form tonsil stones.

The stone is often seen in children but adults of any age are also prone to having them.
Factors that contribute to this include;

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Large tonsils
  • Chronic sinus issues
  • Inflammation of tonsils.

Aside bad breath, tonsil stones can cause sore throat, ear pain, trouble with swallowing, ongoing cough etc. The tonsil stones can also trigger infection. Since these stones do not cause serious health complications, a lot of people can go about without noticing it.

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Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones

Remedies For Tonsil Stones Both Home And Clinical

There are a lot of remedies for tonsil stones ranging from home made to clinical.
1. Saltwater Gargles: Gargling warm water with salt is useful in dislodging the stones. It also helps ease discomfort your throat and prevent particles from entering the tonsil crypts especially if done after a meal.

2. Use of Mouthwash: Swishing non-alcoholic mouthwash around the mouth can help loosen the stones, reduce bacteria and improve the bad breath.

3. Coughing: Strong coughs can loosen the stones.

4. Removal of the stones yourself using a cotton swab or surgical removal of the tonsil gets rid of the stones.


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We’ll be looking at how mouthwashes are effective in dislodging the stones and which of them to use. Mouthwash are liquid products used to rinse the mouth, teeth and gum. It is antibacterial so it kills bacteria that would infect the gums and mouth.

Mouthwash are of different makes but for the 5 Best Mouthwashes For Tonsil Stones, non-alcoholic is recommended. This is because they do not just reduce bacteria in the mouth but unlike alcohol based mouthwash that destroy both harmful and useful bacteria, they destroy only the harmful ones.

Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones

Alcohol free mouth washes prevent our mouth from getting periodontal diseases, drying, tooth decay, halitosis, and plaque. When choosing mouthwashes that are not alcohol based you have to look out for mouthwashes that contain;

1. Fluoride: Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that keeps the enamel strong and prevents tooth decay.

2. Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC): This is an essential element in mouthwashes, it is antiseptic and destroys plaque causing bacteria and other micro-organisms.

3. Chloehexidine Gluconate: Has anti-microbial properties that also fight plaque and gingivitis.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide: Effective in teeth whitening

5. Natural Ingredients: Aloe Vera for example contains antifungal and anti-microbial activities.

5 Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones

Mouthwash are used to combat bad breath, reduce cavities and fight mouth and gum diseases. They’re several mouthwash in the market but we’ll cone it down to those that can give optimum results. Remember they have to be alcohol free.

The 5 Best Mouthwash For Tonsil Stones are;

1. Listerine
The non-alcoholic Listerine mouthwash is very effective. It contains fluoride and bacteria reducing xylitol and as such prevents plaque, cavities and reduces gingivitis. It also gives fresh breath and whitens the enamel.

2. Aesop Bain de Bouche
In addition to being alcohol free, Aesop mouthwash contain essential oils like peppermint, clove and tea tree which are effective in killing bacteria. They also help in gum soothing and remineralization. It enhances breath and maintains oral hygiene without having to affect the mouth’s natural balance.

3. Colgate Enamel Health Mouthwash
The Colgate mouthwash has the cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) as an active ingredient. It also contains a little percentage of fluoride. It builds strong enamels, whitens teeth and keeps the mouth fresh.

4. CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Mouthwash
This type of mouthwash is good for people with sensitive gums. It is mild but also powerful. Suitable for all ages and has a pH balanced formula. It kills bacteria, reduces bad breath and highly effective.

5. Crest Pro-Health
Crest Pro-Health mouthwash which also contains the cetylpyridinium (CPC) is an anti-plaque and gingivitis mouth rinse. Provides unique oral care needs and whitens the teeth as well.