Common Eye Defects and Eye Diseases: Signs, Causes and Prevention


The eye is one of the vital organs in the human body that we all use to see things around us. Imagine a case where you only hear without seeing. How will you feel? Any form of eye defects or eye diseases on the eyes affect every part of human life.

You must first see before you do therefore it’s your own responsibility to ensure that you take good care of your eyes as your life.

A world without sight can never be productive. Most of the eye defects and diseases a lot of people have today may not be heredity, most of them would have come as a result of exposure to various harmful substances in the environment and some as a result of carelessness. Imagine if you had eye defects, you won’t even be able to read this article. So you can see the importance of the human eye.

Therefore, it is an individual responsibility to ensure that he keeps the eye safe from all kinds of defect.

It is one thing for you to know that those that have lost their sight today or those that are passing through various eye problem were once in a good sight just like you now. With this in mind, you have to take a step towards your own safety to avoid losing your sight.

Most people believe that it is actually a normal thing to wear glasses when they reach a certain age in life. But if you are taking the right nutrient for your eyes, I tell you that you will not just stay without wearing glasses but you will not have any eye disease.

Signs of Eye Defects or Eye diseases

One of the major signs that indicates you have and eye problem or disease is pains in the eyes, itching and swelling or inflammation of the eyelids.

Note: You have to be conscious whenever you sense any itching, pains or swells on your eye and take every possible step to prevent it at that early stage.

Other signs include watery eyes, reddish eyes and any eye discomfort.

This is because many eye defects and eye diseases you see today didn’t just start as they are but it started from any of the listed problems above.

While most eye defect may have no early symptoms but might be a flash back of something you did in the past and ignored the later consequence.

For example, the case of welders that work without googles, those who increase the light intensity on their laptops and smart phones. At the initial stage you may not really feel the impact of this but in future as your body system began to matured it will implicate you.

Common Causes of Eye Defects and Diseases

  1. Low intensity reading light or poor reading light
  2. Exposure of the eyes to direct sunlight
  3. Direct exposure to dust and fumes
  4. Direct contact with flying ants
  5. Reading with high intensity light on laptops and smart phones
  6. Bacteria and Virus infection
  7. Genetic causes
  8. Also know that the food you eat can also be as a means of causing defect on your eye.
Eye defects



Common Eye Defects and Corrections


 This is also called short-sightedness. A myopic patient cannot view distant objects clearly because the image is focused on the retina.  This can be corrected by use of concave lenses.


This defect can also be called long-sightedness. A long sighted patient cannot view nearby objects clearly. The image is focused behind the retina. This is as a result of weak refractive power of the lens and can be corrected by wearing convex lens.


 When light rays do not have a single focus on the retina where some will focus in front and some behind. This is caused by a non-uniform curvature of the cornea.

It can be corrected by the use of cylindrical glasses. In this condition when viewing a pattern of lines, those in one direction appear sharp while those in the other direction appear blurred.


This type of defect is common in aged people especially those in their fifties. It is an advanced form of hyperopia in which affected individuals find it very difficult to see long distant images. By using reading glasses with convex lenses, presbyopia can be corrected.

Types of Eye Diseases and their causes

Age-related Macular Degeneration: As one gets matured in age, the retina of the eye called the macular begins to experience some physical disturbances.

Diabetic Macular Edema (DME): This occur as a result of much accumulation of fluid in the macular tissue leading to blurred vision.

Cataracts: This is one of the popular eye defect that we all know. In this defect, the lens of the eye becomes opaque thereby not giving a clear vision. Cataracts are commonly removed via surgeries but we have a product that can help you to clear cataracts.

Colour Blindness: This is the inability of a person to sense coloured object clearly, people who suffer this defect view colour differently from one with a healthy eye condition. It is a colour vision deficiency.

Bulging Eye: This can also be called proptosis, a patient with this type of defect usually have a swollen eye. This happens as a result of swellings of the fats, tissues and muscles behind the eye.

CMV Retinitis 

This is a viral infection to the retina which occur as a result of disorders in the immune system. Example of immune disorder may include AIDS

Crossed Eye: This is the misalignment of the eye at the same point in the same direction. It is also called strabismus.

Glaucoma: This occurs when there is a damage to the optic nerves as a result of pressure on the eye. Glaucoma is a disease that is caused by increased intraocular pressure that results from a defect in the drainage system of the eye. This can lead to irreversible damage to the optic nerve and retinal fibres and if left untreated can lead to permanent vision loss.

Keratoconus: the cornea in the eye is usually round in shape, when it turns to a thin and round shape it results in the defect known as keratoconus.

Ocular Hypertension: this is when the pressure of the eye exceeds it normal range.

other eye defect includes: Apolo (Inflammation of the eyes), lazy eye, retinal detachment, eyelid twitching, and uveitis.

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 Natural Ways of Protecting your Eye from Eye Defects

  1. Eat red fruits regularly as this will help improve your vision or coloured fruits as they contain fibre that helps to slow down the body’s absorption of cholesterol and sugar.
  1. Regular physical activities such as going for a daily walk fights against cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes which causes chronic eye defect.
  1. Weight balancing will help to reduce high blood pressure. So try to take diets that will help to balance your weight and reduce fat. This will help to prevent your eye from defect.
  1. Use sunglasses while walking under the sun to protect the eye from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  1. Eat food that lowers the sugar content of your blood. High blood sugar causes cataract.
  1. Avoid smoking as this kills the cells membranes causing damage to the eye
  1. Drink a glass of green tea daily as this protects the body against diabetes, hearts disease and prevent the retina from getting damaged.

Ways of Preventing Eye Problems

  1. Always seek for doctors’ attention when need arises
  2. Do not go on self-medication like putting water mixed with salt into the eye
  3. You can make use of chloramphenicol eye drop when you feel itches or pains but if the pains persist, consult your doctor.
  4. Don’t use glasses that are medicated without test.
  5. Do not expose the eye to dust and fumes
  6. Don’t expose the eye to direct light source or direct sunlight

Treatment of Eye Defects and Diseases

Most of the eye defects and diseases are treated by surgery, wearing lenses for correction, and taking drugs the doctors prescribe.

Please always consult your doctor first before taking drugs.

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