Double Plus Quantum Tableware




Double Plus Quantum Tableware is a household item that when used can improve taste of food (fruit, beer), purifies food and water and  improves microcirculation and activates water molecules in the body. 

Benefits of Double Plus Quantum Tableware

  • It can activate human cells and enhance metabolism.
  • Instantly improves the strength of human body by 50%, balance by 30% and flexibility by 15% .
  • It has the functions of improving water molecules, purifying water, removing toxic and harmful substances in water and making water cleaner and drinkable.
  • It has bacteriostasis and fresh-keeping function.
  • It has the function of adjusting the liquor, the cigarette taste, making high liquor taste more refreshing , soft; making the cigarette taste lighter.
  • It can be used as gift to loved ones.
  • Fish farmers can put the plate in the water tank, it promotes rapid growth in fish.


  • When a Dish-washer please select the machine which works on ceramic and crystal products to wash it.
  • Please do not put into the microwave oven.

What is the Price of Double Plus Quantum Tableware in Nigeria

The best and affordable price for this product is available here at Kindy Stores

Where to buy Double Plus Quantum Tableware

This product is available here at Kindy Stores.


Double Plus

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