Norland Magic Frying Pan (Fry without oil)




Norland Magic frying pan is made from Titanium which is safe for humans. It helps you to reduce your cholesterol level as you no longer need oil for frying.

Benefits of Norland Magic Frying Pan

  • Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduces the chances of growths of cancer cells.
  • Preserves food nutrients.
  • Food prepared does not stick, it’s a non-stick pan. Cuts down expenses on oil by about 80%. Reduces excess oil consumed from cooked food.
  • Suitable for everyone and especially the elderly.
  • You can fry any thing in this pan including egg, plantain, yam, fish, meat and prepare stew without adding oil and salt.

You can also cook your fresh vegetables in this pan. It brings out the taste in your food. It comes with a cover and you can cook your meals too.

Enjoy tasty meals!!! Get yours today.


Norland Magic Frying Pan

Here is the picture of the plantain I fried without adding oil.





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