Norland Healthway Alkaline Cup


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Norland Healthway Alkaline Cup converts acid water into alkaline water which when taken reduces the high acid level in the body thereby balancing the PH level of the body.

Lets drink healthy an energized water of high quality that is free of chlorine, toxic and heavy metals, anytime, anywhere. Good for everyone especially people with stroke, diabetes, smokers and heavy drinkers.


Key features of Norland Healthway Alkaline Cup

Increases energy

Fewer occurrences of headaches

Promotes clear thinking

Eases respiration i.e no more shortness of breathing

Less throat irritation-less mucous

Promotes healthy heart functions

Fewer occurrence of nausea(i.e feeling sick)

More stable and regular bowl movements

Decreased likelihood of developing chronic disease

Neutralizes acids and removes toxin from the body.




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