Female Fertility Tea

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Female fertility tea is a delicious tea made of natural and well-selected herbs formulated and designed to help support the hormone balance, promote menstrual cycle regularity, and strengthen and tone the uterus thus promoting the chances of conceiving. It has helped millions of women to get pregnant. It has no additives and no side effects.  

Benefits Of Female Fertility Tea

This tea has the following benefits for the woman:

  • Balances the hormonal coordination in the body
  • It enhances fertility
  • It has a delicious jasmine flavor

Female Fertility Tea Ingredients

The female fertility tea is made with all organic ingredients intended to enhance your fertility as a woman.

These Ingredients include;

  • Natto
  • Agaricus
  • Kelp
  • Black Fungus
  • Poria
  • Cassia seed
  • Lycopene
  • Yam
  • Grape seed extract
  • Yeast extract
  • Jasmine

How To Use

Steep 2-3 teabags of your favorite tea into hot boiling water for 10-30 minutes, then remove the teabags from the water. The tea bags may be reused the same day for another cup. In other to make a stronger tea for a larger quantity use 4-6 teabags and steep for 1-4 hours at room temperature. Refrigerate or add ice to drink cold because; it can be served both hot and cold.


The female fertility tea is a present-day invention by Chinese medicine that is combined with modern food nutrition to give the woman the fertility that she deserves.



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