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Fibram Fibroids Remedy is 100% Natural made from natural ingredients and not organic chemicals. Fibroids are Non-cancerous growths in the uterus that can develop during a woman’s childbearing years.

Fibroid is not a disease, it’s mainly a symptom of a disorder in the woman’s body, Which is hormonal imbalance. This is commonly the underlying factor why women develop fibroid throughout their lives. It’s a common condition in Women and it occurs due to increase in Estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries.

Being diagnosed with Fibroids can be very frustrating. Seventy-Five percent of Women in the world have Fibroids or will have a Fibroids issue in their lives. And that number is increasing. Other causes includes: Pregnancy (which the body produces more amount of Estrogen and Progesterone during the time.

Benefits of Fibram Fibroids Remedy 

  • Dissolves all type of fibroids inside or outside the womb.
  • Anti-Tumor and Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Shrink uterine fibroid effectively and prevent recurrence.
  • Inhibit growths of fibroid cell/tissue and restores uterine health
  • Tones the uterine lining, heal adenomyosis and normalize bulky/enlarged uterus
  • 100% natural without negative side effects.
  • Reduces blood clotting, bloating, pressure, cramps and PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)
  • Regulates menstrual flow
  • Helps balance hormones levels, boost fertility
  • Potent detox abilities to help relieve pelvic congestion, abdominal heaviness and stagnation, which cause large fibroid to shrink rapidly.

Recommended Dosage of Fibram Fibroids Remedy

  • Each packet contains 60 capsules.


  • This product is not for children and pregnant women.

What is the Price of Fibram Fibroids Remedy in Nigeria

The best and affordable price for this product is available at Kindy Stores.

Where to buy Fibram Fibroids Remedy

This product is available at Kindy Stores.

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