Fibrozin Active Complex (2 bottles)



Fibrozin active complex is a CLINICALLY PROVEN Holistic formula which works to Permanently Reverse Uterine Fibroids, Naturally and Safely, Boosting fertility, and also aids in Regaining Your Natural Balance.

By providing fibrinolytic (fibrin eating) enzymes specifically selected to address fibrin build up

Health Benefits of Fibrozin Active Complex

Fibrozin was formulated by the best minds in female reproduction physiology, to support fibroid dissolving, hormonal balance and also give a boost to fertility.

Fibrozin is made from selected super plant extracts that produce a natural source of;

–Systemic proteolytic enzymes: Dissolve blood cloth and facilitate the breakdown of rogue proteins in your bloodstream.

–Antioxidants: Helps you scavenge free radicals and prevent the proliferation of fibroid cells.

–Non-proteolytic enzyme constituents: They increase the efficacy of the proteolytic enzymes.

You can also take Fibrozin to safely regulate hormonal balance and modulate inflammation while promoting the reduction of fibrin.

It is the best natural fibroid treatment without surgery.


1. Vitex Derived From The Semen Persicae Herb

Vitex is a gentle remedy where current research support documented historical wisdom.

It is a slow acting but reliable, highly effective and supreme compound for women when it comes to regulating hormonal health and balance

This compound works by stimulating the Pituitary Gland

The Pituitary gland is a “MASTER” gland which regulates the balance of oestrogen and progesterone in a woman

Vitex works on the pituitary gland by enhancing its ability do work and ease symptoms of PMS including menstrual cramps, water retention acne and headaches

Vitex also supports the endocrine system to create more progesterone to balance out Estrogen dominance, present in women with fibroid.

Vitex also has the ability to totally shrink small tumours in the walls of the uterus and stop heavy menstrual bleeding

2. Black Cohosh: (A major component of the fibrozin formula)

A study of 244 patients, black cohosh extract was 9times more effective against uterine fibroid than a drug called tibolon.

One 3-month study in 244 postmenopausal women found that supplementing daily with 40 mg of black cohosh may decrease the size of uterine fibroids by up to 83%

Here blood and oestrogen supply will be cut off from existing fibroid thereby inhibiting their further growth

Then fibronol enzymes are activated on developed fibroids to break down accumulated fibrin
While also allowing the immune system to clean up the site and direct the debris to be processed as waste.

This phase can be completed in as little as 15days for smaller fibroids to 45days for larger and more pronounced fibroids
Black cohosh also contains chemicals known as isoflavones, which produce oestrogen-like effects in the body

It will also help alleviate heavy menstrual flow, constipation and painful cramping associated with fibroid

3. Poria Mushroom: Activate an Anti-Fibroid Defence To Discourage New Fibroid Growth In Or Around The Uterus

Poria Mushroom another major component of Fibrozin active complexa has countless beneficial actions including Anti-tumor, Anti-inflammation, Anti-oxidants, Anti-aging, and Immuno-modulatory.

This powerful herb is a natural source of the verteporfin compound most similar to the enzymes which makes up Wharton Jelly, found in the umbilical cord of babies.

With continuous intake of the Fibrozin Active Complex, Verteporfin is activate to form a smart defence (in layman term)…

which decreased cell proliferation, gene and protein expression of key factors promoting fibrosis and mechanotransduction in fibroid cells, whose effects can last way over 45yrs.

In other words, this verteporfin recognises foreign fibroid cells, acts as an immunity destroying them without harming normal cells that make up a healthy uterus


Where to Buy Fibrozin

The best place to buy this product is at Kindy Stores

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