Fohow Thermal Knee Pad


Their placement follows acupuncture principles to stimulate points located along different meridians.


Fohow thermal knee pad is made with the help of nanotechnologies and designed using a special material with finely minced, low-power magnets and over fifty minerals. Semi-precious minerals (mainly nephrite) and low power magnets are put into a layer of some special material and situated in a special way.

Meteorite origin minerals are added because they are able to radiate infrared rays. This comprises the basis of the Faradization fohow thermal knee pad.

This knee belt have also a positive effect for colds, rheumatism, accumulation of fluid in the joints, varicose veins and other symptoms. The thermal knee pad increases the mobility of your knee, prevents damage to the knee. It also prevents the proliferation of bone tissue and the formation of spikes.

Thermal belts and pads are the know-how in physiotherapy. A unique product is the result of extensive research conducted by the specialists of “Fohow”. The unique feature of recommended Fohow waist protectors is that they contribute to a comprehensive approach to the problems of pain syndromes in spine and joints, providing a high quality therapeutic effect on the entire human body.

Functional Effects of Fohow Thermal Knee Pad


  • Eases and eliminates pain in the joints.
  • Curative effects in cases of knee and other large joints disorder, including arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, bruises, strains and dislocations.
  • Thermal knee pads normalize blood circulation in the knees and other large joints. They reduce and eliminate pain in the joints and prevent joint diseases.
  • Stimulate blood circulation, reduce permeability of blood vessels, reduce neoplastic processes. Thermal knee pads may reduce pain syndromes and stimulate regeneration of damaged joint tissues.
  • Thermal knee pads are of good help when colds and rheumatism occur. They make a major impact on inflammatory and rheumatic joints, on liquid accumulation in the joints, on varicose veins and other symptoms.
  • Increase the mobility of your knee, prevent damage to the knee, prevent the proliferation of bone tissue and the formation of spikes.
  • Increase the body’s immunity.

How to Use Fohow Thermal Knee Pad

1. Recommended for all age groups

2. There is no limit to the number of procedures. However, remember – the best curative and preventive effects are achieved by regular sessions rather than by frequent ones.

3. Moisten the working surface of the pad prior to usage by spraying it or by smoothing your palm dampened with water over it.

4. Then place the pad on a problematic area and affix the stickers on the pad.

5. It takes 5-10 minutes to feel the pad working (depending on the skin sensitivity). There is a sensation of light, needle-like prickling and heat.

6. The skin surface is not marred in any way by the usage. Remember, unlike mustard or simple heat treatments, there are no burns, no redness and no rise in body temperature.

7. Recommended time of usage per session is 15-30 minutes. If the heat is too strong for you or if there is a burning sensation, the pad can be removed sooner for a shorter treatment.

8. Do not use the Fohow thermal knee pad for over 5 hours per session.

9. Do not use the pad while sleeping.

10. Clean the biological working area of the knee pad with a soft damp cloth. Do not use any detergent when washing it.

11. Do not crumple the knee pad. Do not dry in direct sunlight.

12. Store in a dry and dark place.


Do not use in cases of cancer (especially in stages 3 and 4), serious heart and blood vessel pathologies, serious mental illnesses, pregnancy and heart stimulants


The statements about dietary supplements have not been yet evaluated by NAFDAC and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.JY




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