Greenlife Prostasure Tablet

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The Greenlife Prostasure Tablet is a supplement that is formulated with natural ingredients that have been proven to be effective in promoting urinary flow and urine volume. Inflammation of the prostate gland (or prostatitis) can be a result of infection or other things. If your prostate hurts and becomes swollen and irritated, you have Prostatitis. The Greenlife Prostasure Tablet is a combination of Chinese medicinal herbs that have been shown to shrink prostate size and eliminate discomfort.

Prostate problems can be quite distressing and overwhelming. It is a condition that affects 40-60 percent of men in their late 40s and above. There is need to take care of your prostate, and this achieved by going for check ups, paying a close attention to your body system and taking supplements such as Greenlife Prostasure Tablet.


What is a Prostate Gland?

A Prostate Gland is a gland inside the male reproductive system between the bladder and the penis that is necessary for reproduction. The primary function of the prostate gland is to produce the fluid that nourishes and transports sperm, also known as seminal fluid. The prostate gland gets bigger as one gets older. Due to the position of the prostate gland in the body, if it develops any problem it can also affect the urinary health and sexual function.

The prostate gland is usually plagued with 3 conditions. Prostatitis, a very painful inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH, a condition that causes enlarged prostate. it is a age-associated condition. Prostate Cancerpresence of increased levels of cancerous cells inside the prostate gland.

What are the symptoms of prostate problems??

  •  frequent urge to urinate.
  • blood in urine or semen.
  • burning sensation during urination.
  • painful and difficult ejaculation.
  • back pains.
  • pains in the perineum

Benefits of Greenlife Prostasure Tablet

  • Promotes urinary flow and eliminates the nagging discomfort & inconvenience.
  • It helps to maintain a healthy prostate & a healthy urinary system.
  • It maintains a healthy prostate gland and functions
  • Promotes blood circulation, and stops pain and inflammation.
  • It is highly effective for the treatment of prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis
  • Eliminate the prostrate symptoms of urinary frequency, precipitant urination, pain in urination, and drip after urination.

Recommended Use of Greenlife Prostasure Tablet

  • 60 tablets/bottle
  • Take 4 tablets, 3 times daily.
  • Take 2-3 bottles for optimal results.

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep away from children.
  • No side effects.
  • Recommended for males with any of the prostate disorders.
  • Males of age above 40
  • This product is not for women and children.

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Where to buy Greenlife Prostature Tablet

This product is available here @ Kindy Stores.



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