Guava Leaves and Menstruation: 3 Important Benefits


Guava leaves and menstruation: this article will help you know the benefits of guava leaf, seed and it extract and how it aids menstrual cramps in women.

Guava is a small tropical plant cultivated for their fruits which is edible. The fruit can be yellow or green when ripe. This fruit can be beneficial as it has high amounts of potassium, vitamin C, fiber and antioxidant. Apart from the fruits being succulent to eat, there are other benefits attached to this peculiar fruits, some of them are;

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1. To Boost your Immunity
It may interest you to know that guava has more vitamin C in it than even an orange. They also contain vitamin C that one guava can supply your body more than your body needs daily. And vitamin C can boost your immune system that can help you fight viruses and bacteria that causes illnesses like cold. 

Guava Leaves and Menstruation
Guava Leaves and Menstruation

2. Gives you a Better Skin
Remember that guava fruits have antioxidants in them and this helps your body to stop wrinkling as it should. The vitamin in it will help your skin become better and smoother. Adding guava leaves to your bathing water also has health benefits. A study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine establish the fact that guava leaves can help reduce redness and itching of the skin. This is because guava leaves have anti-inflammatory properties to treat acne.

3. Help In Weight Loss
For someone who is on a weight loss journey, you can add guava to your diet. Guava has low calories – 37 calories in it and fiber which can keep your tummy filled for a long time. It is also filled with minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Next time you need something to snack on or feel hungry when it’s not yet time for you to have a full meal, you can go for a guava.

4. May help fight Cancer
Taipei Medical University Hospital and Kyung Hee University, Seoul has made studies that show that the high antioxidant properties in guava reduce cancer cell growth by preventing free radicals from attacking and damaging cells which can cause cancer. Another study carried out by Chiang Mai University in Thailand shows that the oil extracted from guava leaves can be more effective in preventing cancer cells from growing. However, you are advised to stick to the medications from your doctor also.

5. Help in Digestion
The seeds in guava help in bowel movement and avoid constipation. This is because of the fiber in the fruit and leaves. Guava can give you the recommended amount of fiber your body needs. Studies have shown that there are antimicrobial properties in guava that can stop harmful bacteria from attacking your guts and causing diarrhea.

6. Reduce Sugar Level
Studies have shown that consuming extracts made from guava can lower your blood sugar level and if taken consistently, can control sugar in the blood and resist insulin. This can be beneficial to diabetic patients or those who are at risk. Studies have shown that drinking tea made from guava leaves can lowered blood sugar after eating any food and the effects can be up to 2 hours.

Guava Leaves and Menstruation

Apart from the above health benefits, guava leaves are also good for women during their menstruation period. Some of the benefits of this fruit, its leaves and extracts when you are seeing your period are;

1. Guava Leaf Tea Improves Menstrual Pain
Many women experience pain when their period comes, the pain can be severe or mild. Tea made from guava leaves can help reduce this cramp and is more effective than some pain relief drugs. A study made on 197 women showed that taking pills made from guava can help relieve pain as it is a natural way of managing pain and menstrual cramps.

Guava leaves and menstruation
Guava Leaves and Menstruation

2. Guava Leaves Can Improve Clot Menses
Guava leaves are known to have gallic acid, ferulic acid, quercetin, and active polyphenols and these have anticoagulant effects. This can help your body supply more blood and oxygen to your uterine tissues and this reduces clotting. This is because the guava leaves have methylglyoxal-induced loss of activity of antithrombin.


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3. Improve Blood Flow to the Uterine Tissues
Because of the anticoagulant effects of guava leaves, this improve how your heart functions and increase how body is supplied to your uterine. When enough blood is supplied to the uterine, the contraction and inflammation that causes pain is reduced.


Guava is very beneficial – the fruits, seeds and even the leaves. It is especially important to people who experience pains during their menstruation period. If you are boiling the leave to make tea out of it, you should take it when it is cold as taking it hot can cause constipation and nausea.
Taking guava leaves tea or extract can cause irregular menstrual periods as excess of this tea can accumulate steroids in the body. You should take less than 2 cups of the tea a day and not more than 6 milligrams of the pill extract.