Can I Use Skineal for my Private Part


Can I Use Skineal for my Private Part

One might ask, can I use skineal for my private part? Skineal cream is an anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream that is used to treat infections such as tinea cruris, tinea pedis, tinea manus and tinea corporis.

It is meant for the treatment of severe skin conditions like fungus, tinea, jock itch, vaginal thrush, seborrheic dermatitis, athlete’s foot, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema and chapped or itchy skin. The cream is also used to reduce skin inflammation which may occur as a result of irritation or an allergic reaction of the skin.

The cream reduces redness, swelling, itchiness and pain. This cream can also be used to relieve skin inflammation caused by irritation or an allergic response to the skin like redness, swelling, itching, and discomfort which are drastically reduced by properly applying this skineal cream.

Since it is specially formulated to treat fungal and bacterial infections on the skin and is very potent on it own so it should not be mixed with other creams to boost its effect.

Recommended product for Vaginal infections

Note: Skineal cream is highly recommended to everyone who wants to get rid of pimples, acne, rashes, blemishes, freckles, melasma or discoloration, it really effective and is suitable for all skin types. The skineal cream is clinically proven to be safe no doubt but however, one needs to understand that the product is a skin treatment/drug and drugs like this can be very harmful when they are abused by it’s user or when they’re used how and when they are not prescribed by a doctor.

It is wise that one get a doctor’s prescription before using this particular treatment and in whatever you do, do not use it continuously after one or two weeks.

Also, as a result of the ingredients used in this cream which are very powerful, skineal is not safe for use during pregnancy because the cream can penetrate the layer of the skin and get into the bloodstream of a pregnant woman so it is better that one should completely stay away from using it while pregnant. Please consult with your doctor if there is a case-specific recommendation.

Ingredients in Skineal Cream

The key ingredients used in the manufacturing of the highly rated anti inflammatory cream are; 

  • Closbetasol propionate 0.25mg
  • Ketoconazole 10mg
  • Neomycin sulphate 500IU

Best Ways of Applying Skineal Cream

It is best for external use only. Apply externally to affected area twice daily. Apply on dry unbroken skin. It is best applied by massaging, this should be done very gently and slowly until the cream is absorbed completely by the affected part of the skin.

Uses of Skineal Cream

  • It is used to completely clear acne from the body
  • Clears dark spots totally from the body
  • It is used to reduce itching in the body
  • Used to lighten the skin 
  • It is used to completely treat fungal infections
  • To treat bacterial infections in the body
  • Treat yeast infections in the body
  • It is used to get rid of inflammation in the body
  • Adjunctive therapy in haptic coma
  • Preparative preparation of the bowl

Side Effects of Skineal Cream

Skineal  cream contains very strong steroids which can cause serious side effects. With this steroids, it can make one skin looks really nice at the beginning of use but when the use becomes long term, it can bring about unnecessary stretch marks as it can affect the functioning of the skin making it very difficult to maintain its elasticity and ofcourse there is the risk of steroid-induced pimples showing up, and this is worse and very hard to get rid of completely.

Steroid induced pimples, photosensitivity that is sun sensitivity, rosacea that is red face, atrophy that is skin thinning, stretch marks, pigmentation, dryness, severe itching and hair growth on the face etc. to name a few side effects. Some other side effects include;

  • It can drastically reduce the skin elasticity thereby making the skin very thin
  • It can cause unnecessary bleeding
  • It can cause itchiness on the body
  • It can aggravate redness on the skin
  • It can decrease the body platelet
  • Inability to achieve erection
  • Blockade of synthesis of hormones from adrenal glands
  • Can cause indigestion
  • Brings about skin burning sensation
  • Causes folliculitis
  • Can cause numbness
  • Can cause vomiting and nausea


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Can I use Skineal for my Private Part

Skineal cream is  just like any other inflammatory, antifungal, bacterial cream and it should not be used in the private part (pubic area), eyes, nose or mouth but it can be applied on other parts of the body or even the inner thighs because it is very effective to lightening dark thigh area but should not be used on the pubic area.


Some treatments may have to be stopped gradually and not be stopped immediately because of rebound effects. But for the skineal cream, it can be completely stopped after using it once and you start noticing some positive changes or improvements in the area you are treating. However, it is important that you keep in mind that one must not exceed 3 weeks of using it, whether or not you notice any improvement.

Neverthless, stoping the use of skineal is just as you stop many other products. When you have gotten the results you are looking for you can cut down the use of the cream from daily to twice/thrice per week.

From there a single use per week before you finally stop using it completely. But, if you have actually been using this cream for months, running to years, you may have to adopt a safe, natural product use to ensure that the skineal cream doesn’t leave harsh results on the skin.