Mental Health: Symptoms & How to Promote Mental Health


Mental Health

The mental health condition of every human should be what you should have concern about because every action we take comes from what we interact with our mentality.

Being mentally and emotionally healthy makes one to be free from depression, anxiety and psychological problems.

Being in a good state of mental health has to do with one’s ability to do some set of planned task, the ability for one to learn, the ability to observe, to express and to handle a range of positive and negative emotions. It has to do with the ability of one to maintain and establish a good inter-personal relationship with others.

However, your mental health condition plays a very vital role in our day to day activities, relationships, personal and emotional well beings and our interaction with the environment. It begins from the basics which include emotions, thoughts, learning, self esteem among others.

Uncontrolled mental problem can lead to increased risk of  other forms of neurological disease such as epilepsy, brain cancer etc.

Statistics shows that about 20% of the world’s children and adolescence have mental disorders yearly.

Most people don’t believe that they can pass through mental disorders or they are not doing anything that can affect their mental health but this has tend to be a false believe, provided you are in a state where your brain is filled with disturbances, you are likely to be a state of mental illness.

Mental illness is mostly advisable to be prevented and treated at an early stage because when it gets worse, it might turn to be another case entirely.

The early state can come with some physical and emotional signs and your ability to detect this signs on time will help to take preventive ways that will help the sufferer from being affected.

It is important to pay attention to one’s physical and emotion well being and detect the sudden changes.

A single change might not really ascertain the problem yet it important you go closer to discover if there is any inward change.


What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a state of physical, emotional as well as psychological depression that leads to severe disturbance within the sufferer leading to the inability of one to cope with his demands and daily routines.

It is associated with the negative form of stress i.e distress leading to one not being able to be functional in his normal activities.

Some mental disorders arises mostly from some other forms of disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, dementia, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder, autism etc.

Mental problem is stress related. It may be as a result of some human related environmental factors, genetic factors, biochemical imbalances in the body. This can be identified and handled with proper care and treatment.

Moreover, mental illness matures to the stage that it becomes a serious mental illness, at this stage you need proper and regular measures that will help to sustain you at it might get worse that the risk get higher than it could be handled.

What Is Serious Mental Illness?

As the mental illness get worse without any steps to prevent it, it results in a chronic mental condition.

Serious mental illness is concerned with the emotional, mental, psychological as well as behavioral disorders which results into putting the victim in a state of serious impairment and difficult feelings that makes it difficult for it to be  handled.

Therefore, it is advisable to understand mental health condition, and take steps to help it.

Early Signs of Mental Illness that can affect your mental health

  1. Changes in mood
  2. Change in personality
  3. Change in personal habit
  4. Social withdrawal
  5. Inability to cope with people
  6. Feelings of Anger
  7. Immediate shocks
  8. Careless ways handling of things
  9. Voluntary actions and gestures.


How To Cope With Early Symptoms for a safe mental health

  1. Be alert of the unusual behaviors and gestures and try to make it cease especially in a social settings.
  2. Always seek medical counselling that will help you cope with your present condition and also suggest better ways that will help you cope.
  3. Try to relate your problem with your neighbor (i.e people that you come in contact with at a particular point in time) so that when need arises, they will understand with you and see how to help you.
  4. At this stage, try and know your abilities and disabilities and avoid much stress on task you can’t handle.
  5. You must also know that not everyone will want to accept you in that pathetic condition, therefore to avoid being isolated, stigmatized and disgraced, note those that accept you and try to make your problems known to them.
  6. Try as much as you can to have somebody beside you at every moment don’t tend to be lonely
  7. Engage yourself on things that tends to make you laugh and gives you happiness such as doing regular exercise.
  8. Always ensure you have get yourself relaxed frequently
  9. Don’t allow anything to bother you and don’t allow your mind to be in a state of disturbance as theses always increase the risk of mental problems.
  10. Ensure to take treatments that will help to prevent the effect of your health problem and stick to the prescriptions.


How to Promote a Good Mental Health

  • Regular Exercise: Exercise is a very vital agent in keeping ones brain mentally alert. It keeps the brain relaxed and makes it ready to respond to external factors.
  • Proper feeding: food helps to promote good mental health. Note the food that helps your physical growth, such food also helps in promoting your mental growth. Eating food that contains vegetables such as spinach, pumpkin, vegetables contains high level of folate and vitamins which helps the brain, also proteinous foods such as turkey, fish, eggs etc., coffee and oatmeal also help to promote good mental condition.


  • Eat fruits: fruits help to stimulate ones mental growth. Fruits that promote one’s mental growth includes almond, carrot, dark coloured fruits like blueberries, strawberries.


  • Keep Close Association with people: Being socially minded and make friends with people helps to keep your brain alert as well as making your emotional feelings to be relaxed. You feel happy when you meet with people especially those that you have always had in mind to get closer to.


  • Always be morally minded
  • Don’t do things that will get you destabilized
  • Avoid worries

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