Norland Detox Pack: Detoxify 5 Major Organs

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Detox is a multi functional cleanser that detoxifies key areas of the body thereby boosting your immune system; keeping you healthy and fresh.

Detox acts on different parts of the body

  • including lungs (it removes lung toxic white and lung toxic green),
  • spleen (it removes spleen toxin yellow)
  • kidney (it removes kidney toxin black)
  • Improve immunity and prevent vital disease.
  • Prolong lifespan and delay aging
  • Bring out toxic scales from the viscera and clean the inner body environment.
  • Clean the viscera and improve the absorption of nutrition and medicine
  • Improve body function and self-healing abilities after detoxification
  • Increase the activity of SOD and improve the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-virus and anti-radiation of the body
  • Reduces risk of cancer
  • Shortens recovery process of chronic diseases


Norland Detox Pack (ZHIMINGDE WUQING HERBAL SUITE) is the best detox cleanse formula in the market now. That detoxifies 5 Major Organs in the body.

This unique process of magnetic herbal extraction is capable of moving out toxic scales from FIVE INTERNAL ORGANS simultaneously, in a safe, rapid, and effective manner. It is praised as “the first herbal quantum prescription” Norland Detox pack achieves effective full-body detoxification; best cleanse for men and women.

Let’s begin with a little lecture for more understanding of what this is all about:


What is Detoxification?

The process of removing harmful substances or chemicals from the body or getting rid of toxins

What are toxins?

Toxins are substances that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects.

It refers to all the metals, chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides, and poisons that cause the body harm.

How do toxins affect the human body?

The build-up of these toxins causes diseases.  Toxins can affect our health in many ways. Some can kill the friendly bacteria in our guts, block oxygen from binding to red blood cells, interfere with DNA synthesis, block enzymes the body needs for normal functions or block absorption of vitamins and minerals

What symptoms indicate there are toxins in the body?

  • Consistent fatigue. Even if you’re sleeping well, you may fight to get through the day. …
  • Stubborn weight gain.
  • Bad breath.
  • Sensitivity to scents.
  • Muscle aches and pains.
  • Skin reactions.

With the above explanations, you now see the need for detoxification. It is mandatory!

Norland detox pack effectively prevents the possible underlying side effects of other detoxifying methods, thus ensuring both safety and effectiveness.

Three (3) Breakthroughs we have had to becoming a leading brand for body cleansing

  1. Deep detoxification: While most detoxification processes can detoxify and cleanse toxins superficially such as the lymph and intestinal canal. Our detox pack breaks the limit, ACHIEVING THE OVERALL DEEP CELL DETOXIFICATION AND REACHING THE ROOTS OF THE TOXINS FOR THE FIRST TIME.


  1. Comprehensive detoxification: Traditional detoxifying methods have no overall plan for fundamental treatment and never achieve comprehensive toxin elimination of all the tissues and organs of the body, but Norland detox pack dispels the toxins from the entire body. That’s why we call it a full body detoxification.


  1. Causing no harm to one’s body: Enema or surgery can achieve deep detoxification of cells but destroys the natural body balance or even directly damage healthy cells.

Our detox pack eliminates cell toxins and enhances the activity and metabolism of cells, which serve as a thorough maintenance and repair of the body and promote nutrient absorption and utilization.


This is a therapy that completely cleanses toxins and purifies the blood, organs, cells and tissues thus recharging the whole body, restoring the youthful state of the body organs and enhancing the body’s immunity and resistance.


In less than 24 hours of drinking Norland Detox pack liquid, you will begin to enjoy a healthy and vibrant life


What I love most about the after effect of taking the detox pack is the fact that the evidence of detoxification is seen instantly on passing stool. Instant results can be achieved from the very first time, and they can be detected visually, energetically, and medically.

Note: The colour of the stool determines the organ of the body that had accumulated toxins and has been detoxified.

 a) Visual: You can see the toxins with various colors and shapes same day you take the product.

b) Energetic: You will feel relaxed and your appetite and sleep will be improved immediately after detoxification.

c) Medical: Detectable by medical tests – you will detect that the triglycerides, cholesterol, blood viscosity, and the blood uric acid will dramatically decrease on the day you take it. There will also be a significant reduction in the serum transaminase of the liver, and the low- density lipoprotein (LDL) will return to the normal level in 7-15 days.

Even after the detoxification process, the effect of Herbal Supplement Liquid will continue for another 90-120 days, improving the self-repairing mechanism and immune function in the body. CAN YOU BEAT THIS???

After detoxification, the body’s self-healing ability is dramatically enhanced.

Norland Detox Pack is approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore, it is absolutely safe and free of toxins and side effects. This product has a unique quality – it cleanses and builds at the same time.

It is also very gentle and easy on the system and will not result in any discomfort or dehydration even after multiple bowel movements.

Throughout the whole detoxification process the body is relaxed and comfortable.

 How the Norland Detox Pack works

Five Elements, Five Organs, Five Toxins

Five Elements Theory is the basis of Traditional Medicine in all indigenous cultures. According to the Theory of Five Elements, each element represents a different organ in the body.

Understanding the Five Elements opens the door to understanding bodily functions, and provide tools to promote health and wellness from within.

Every organ will expel toxins of different color


Green toxins – come from liver

Red toxins – come from heart

White toxins – come from lungs

Yellow toxins – come from spleen/pancreases

Black/blue toxins – come from kidneys

Benefits of the Norland Detox Pack on the Five major Organs

Liver: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Liver, enhancing its filtering ability, and producing a feeling of relaxation, ease, and positivity.

Heart: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Heart, revitalizes the entire body and induces the feeling of peace.

Spleen/ Pancreas: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your spleen/pancreas, regulates appetite and smooth bowel movement.

Lungs: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Lungs, alleviating all types of breathing difficulties.

Kidneys: Herbal Liquid detoxifies your Kidneys, recharges your body with energy and vitality, and induces a feeling of security and courage.

It removes kidney stones and other toxins from your kidney

Instructions/How to use Norland Detox Pack

Before taking DETOX PRO Pack: On the day of your detox avoid eating animal protein (meat or fish), red or black coloured foods, and greens. Avoid taking any medicine or stimulating beverages such as tea, coffee and alcohol. In the first day of detoxification, vegetables are the best choice to eat. Avoid TV or cell phone use.

Do Not Eat Anything during the Detoxification Process until 10 AM of the next day.


First Day of Detoxification:

(a) At 6:00 pm, Drink 50 ml of DETOX PRO Golden Bottle, then drink at least 400 ml of water.

(b) At 8:00 pm, Drink 50 ml of DETOX PRO Golden Bottle, then drink at least 400 ml of water.

(c) At 10:00 pm, Drink a whole bottle of the Silver DETOX PRO, then lie-down and rest for two hours. Please Do Not Drink Water.

Second Day of Detoxification:

(a) At 6:00 am, Drink 50 ml of DETOX PRO Golden Bottle, then drink at least 400 ml of water.

(b) At 8:00 am, Drink 50 ml of DETOX PRO Golden Bottle, then drink at least 400 ml of water.

(c) At 8:05 am, Drink a whole bottle of Silver DETOX PRO, then lie-down and rest for two hours. Please Do Not Drink Water.

(d)You can have a normal meal after 12 noon, but do not have meat, chicken or fish, alcohol, smocking or other stimulating foods.

Recommended For:

~ The full body cleanse detox is recommended for high blood viscosity, early stages of diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance phase), early hypertension (blood pressure fluctuation), and similar;

~ Fatty liver, hepatitis B and C, liver cancer, cholecystitis, kidney deficiency, gallstones and kidney stones (please consult doctors according to the size of the calculi), prostate problems, gout, etc;

~ Obesity, constipation, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, stubborn melasma, pigmentation, liver spots, light yellowish skin, acne, wrinkles, large pores, and endocrine disorders;

~ Dizziness, fatigue, poor sleep, loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, forgetfulness, impaired sexual function;

~ Couples planning to conceive in the near future and want to enhance the immunity of their future children;

~ Those who want to improve their immunity;

~ Those who want to prevent major diseases of today;

~ And those who want to rejuvenate their body and enhance general health.

Not Recommended For:

Norland detox cleanse drink is not recommended for the following;

~ Individuals below the age 18 and above 68, please consult your medical professional before using.

~ Women during their pregnancy, lactating or menstrual period;

~ Patients with active bleeding in their bodies, such as internal bleeding, cerebral hemorrhage, acute gastrointestinal bleeding and bleeding-prone diseases;

~ People with acute exacerbation of diseases, or during a common cold or flu.

~ Patients who have myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, or a history of symptoms please follow your doctor’s advice.

~ Critically ill patients experiencing such ailments as renal failure, uremia, mid and late phases of liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, cancer, and those who are being treated in hospital.

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