Nuevergold Suwage



Nuevergold Suwage contains 11 powerful herbs that regulate blood sugar

Benefits of Nuevergold Suwage Juice

  • Lowers blood sugar naturally.
  • Helps in controlling and preventing diabetes (sugar).
  • Suwage promotes healthy pancreatic function by blocking the absorption of blood glucose in the intestine and preventing adrenal hormones from signaling the liver to produce glucose.
  • Improve sleep efficiency & total sleep time.
  • Reduce frequent urination at nights.
  • It improves eye problems that associated with diabetes.
  • Increase sexual activities & desire due to diabetes.
  • Promote healthy type 2 diabetes blood sugar level.
  • It restores energy levels
  • Relieves burning feet syndrome.

How to take it Suwage Juice

  • Take it 30mins before food with three glass of clean water.
  • It reduces the rise in blood sugar after meals and delays the drop in blood sugar later on.




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