Nutressa Optimum with Glutathione



Nutressa Optimum with glutathione is a One stop liquid dietary supplement naturally formulated with over 245 premium, rare and effective natural nutraceutical ingredients sourced from around the world. A breakthrough and revolutionary product manufactured in the U.S.A and 1st of its kind in the world today.

What is Glutathione?

Gluthathione is a substance naturally produced by the liver cells for protection and detoxification of the body cells from critical toxins. It is really the most important anti-oxidant the immune system relies on to function.


* It is the most abundant antioxidant manufactured by the human body. As a mother antioxidant, glutathione speeds up cell regeneration and revitalization.

* It is the Master of removing free radicals.

* It is the only antioxidant that recycles itself after it has neutralized a free radicals.

* It recycles ingested antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin E as well as Alpha Lipolic acid after they have been utilized.

* It maintains health oxidant-reductant levels of the cells (cellular redox homeostasis)

* It reduces haemoglobin to a plus 2 state so it can accept oxygen and carry it to the cells.

* It helps support a healthy immune system

* It protects the DNA in the nucleus of the cell.

* It protects the mitochondrial DNA of the cell.

* It reduces lipid peroxides formed by the oxidation of fats.

* It transports amino acids from the outside of the cell into the cell allowing protein biosynthesis to take place. It is the first line of protection against environmental and chemical toxins.

* It is a major removing agent of heavy metal.

Without glutathione, in the body, every cell in the body will die prematurely, the immune system is helpless, the liver which cleanses all the toxins we ingest and inhale will cease to function.



Benefits of Nutressa Optimum with Glutathione 

  • Total systems detoxification of inter-cellular metabolic wastes
  • General health and wellness
  • Proper immune function / P.H level
  • Optimum sexual performance
  • Increases fertility in both man and woman
  • Increases libido
  • Improves weak erection
  • Sustained ejaculation period
  • Ulcer
  • Manage Cancer
  • Healthy blood sugar
  • Healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular system
  • Healthy respiratory system
  • Supports kidney / liver function
  • Shrinks fibroid
  • Stroke
  • Improves autism & autistic condition
  • Improves Memory
  • Mental acuity and alertness
  • Chronic waist / back pain
  • Shields against free radicals
  • Heals chronic sore
  • Improves sight
  • Improve Parkinson condition
  • Skin and overall beauty / weight loss
  • Other conditions

Active Ingredients

245 + of the highest and the best nutraceuticals known.

  • 150 Naturally occurring phytonutrients.
  • 29 Fruits and vegetables.
  • 24 Proprietary ayurvecdic herbs.
  • 3 Beneficial fibers
  • 13 Vitamins
  • 69 Organically – bound trace minerals (full spectrum, plant derived)
  • 5 Essential fatty acids
  • 17 Amino acids
  • 6 Organic plant digestive Enzymes
  • Activaloe ® aloe vera juice for a superior ORAC antioxidant and polyphenol.
  • Vit E from Sunflower
  • Glutathione.
  • Completely Soy free
  • Non G M O
  • Sugar free
  • Recommended Use: 30 ml a day
  • A bottle is 473.2 ml
  • FDA
  • Manufactured in the USA

Uses internally and externally

80% absorbability rate unlike only 20% rate in pills.

Dosage of Nutressa Optimum with Glutathione

  • 245 + of the highest and the best nutraceuticals known.
  • A bottle is 473.5 ml
  • 30 ml a day


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