Waist Beads Witchcraft (Is Wearing It Spiritual Or Witchcraft)



Waist beads witchcraft (is wearing it spiritual or witchcraft)? For a better understanding, read this post to the end to know if it is or not.

Waist beads is an accessory that was first used traditionally which is made from fine glasses and a twine or string which is usually worn around the waist, legs, wrist and even the hips.

It was said to represent a sign of sensuality, femininity and also the greater part of using waist beads was as a symbol of beauty.

Waist beads were used by the women and it was used my them in order for it to represent their beauty. Even female children who were newly born were also wearing waist beads. This ornament was most valued by the Africans countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and lots of the African countries.

There are so many reasons to why women put on waist beads. This reasons was to show femininity, to beautify women, and as a result of other spiritual beliefs.

Waist beads to different countries and to different people signifies and means different things. It comes in different colors and this colors has different meanings.

For example, below are the different colors of waist beads and their different meanings.
• White color bead: the white color bead represent truthfulness and purity. People who wear them are believed to be truthful people and also people that are pure.
• Black color bead: the black color bead represent boldness, elegant and powerful. Women who put on the black color bead are seen as strong and beautiful women.
• Red color bead: the red color bead represent sexiness, danger, and fear.

The women who put in the red color bead are seen as the most sexy women and men are mostly attracted to them. Men sometimes are scared of them because the believe that red signifies danger.

Other colors of beads includes; light blue and it represent patience, contentment and trust, the yellow color represent energy and friendliness, hot pink represent calmness, ivory or cream color represent being natural and lots more.

Reasons why women wear beads

It was mentioned above that women put on beads to represent their sensuality, feminity and as a result of other spiritual beliefs.
Apart from the reasons above, there are other important reasons why women out in waist beads. They reasons are;
• To watch their weight (weight management): weight management is one the things that is so important to women because a lot of women don’t want to be over weight. One of the reasons women put on beads is to help them manage their weight.

In order to achieve this, the out the beads on their waist for observation ant when they start gaining too much weight, the waist beads becomes tight indicating that the are over weight and they will now look for measures to reduce the weight.
• Aesthetic purpose: aesthetic means beauty. Women put on beads as an act of decorations to add beauty to their body.
• Fertility and intimacy: another reason why women put in beads is for intimacy and fertility. A lot of men likes it when their women puts on waist beads. It makes them to be sexually attracted to them and it makes them more intimate during sex.

A lot of women also put on waist beads because the have this spiritual belief that waist beads can help a woman to be fertile.
• A symbol of heritage and pride: although different ethnicity wears waist beads, the fact remains that waist beads was a thing of the black women.

This women puts on waist beads as a sign of the pride of womanhood and as heritage because putting on this beads helps them to connect to their ancestors.
Waist beads witchcraft (us wearing waist beads spiritual or witchcraft).

Waist Beads Witchcraft (Is Wearing It Spiritual Or Witchcraft)

Wearing of waist beads has different meanings to different people. While some persons believes that waist beads represent witchcraft, some also believe that waist beads are spiritual.

A lot of men thinks that women who puts on waist beads are practicing witchcraft and they are afraid of asking this women for an intimate relationship. Women on their own part beliefs that wearing waist beads are spiritual.

They belief that waist beads can scare away a rapist, for example, in a case where a woman was to be raped, women believe that if you cut the waist beads and it falls on the ground that the rapist will automatically loose erection and the woman will be safe.

They also believe that waist beads are spiritual because they believe that if a child who has convulsion happens to wear them, it will automatically stop that child from convulsing.
Wearing waist beads is neither spiritual nor a ring of witchcraft.

This questions occurred as a result of different beliefs. In a natural sense waist beads does not have anything to do with practicing witchcraft.

Any person can make her own beads in order to clear the doubt of people saying that waist beads is spiritual or witchcraft. Waist beads are just female accessories that is used for beautification and feminity.