Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses: 7 Amazing Reasons


In this article, you will get to know some of the reasons why do blind people wear sunglasses.

This is a widely asked question. Despite being blind, why do blind people wear sunglasses? would it not affect them more? are they trying to cover up their blindness or their eyes and many other questions of sort. There are so many good reasons why a blind person should use a sunglasses.

Some blind people may have made a personal decision to wear sunglasses while others may wear sunglasses because of the influence of people. It is important to know that 85% of blind people do not have complete blindness and the sunglasses helps prevent it from getting worst.

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Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses

1. To Improve Their Vision

As earlier said, 85% of blind people still have some vision. A sunglasses can help make it easier for blind people to see shadows and shades clearly by cutting down on glares from the sun. Some blind people have what is called a tunnel vision, this makes them to see things narrowly.

Why Do Blind People Wear Sunglasses
why do blind people wear sunglasses

Sunglasses might not be a problem for people with normal vision but it completely affects people that are blind. For blind people, sun glares might result in photo-phobia. Photo-phobia is a sensitivity to light and is mostly experienced by blind people.

Sunglasses protects a blind person’s eyes from bright light or light reflections that may further reduce their vision and cause serious discomfort. Sunglasses can allow blind people to focus on their vision thereby improving their vision.

2. To Protect the Eyes from Sun

By wearing sunglasses, blind people protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can be very dangerous to an unshielded eye and might cause more eye problems which includes;

  • Photokeratitis
  • Macular degeneration
  • Ocular cancer
  • Inflammation of the cornea
  • Cataracts and many more.

Ultraviolet rays causes damage to people with normal sight let alone the blind people. It can be difficult for blind people to know when they are exposed to ultraviolet rays or excessive sunlight so, it is important that they put on a sunglasses before going out.

why do blind people wear sunglasses
why do blind people wear sunglasses

3. To Protect their Eyes from Dust, Contamination or Injuries

Aside from protecting a blind person’s eyes from light, a sunglasses can stand as a barrier to protect a blind person’s eye from dust, contamination and even an injury. Blind people find it difficult to identify where they walk into and what is before them. They could easily be attacked by any of the above mentioned and will cause them so much pain and more complications.

Also, dust can get into a blind person’s eye and cause a lot of irritation. In this case, a sunglasses has to be worn both indoors and outdoors because it prevents dust, wind debris and other objects from entering the eyes of a blind person. It also prevents a blind person from sustaining and injury.

4. To Create the Awareness that they are Disable (Blind)

Many blind people wear sunglasses to let others know that they are blind. Just like using a stick or a guide bog, sunglasses is a tool to help blind people especially in crowded places as people with normal sight knows that a blind person needs a clear pathway or an assistance so they would not bump into people or objects.

5. It Gives them Confidence

By wearing sunglasses, blind people gain the confidence to approach and interact with people who are not physically challenged like them. When seeing and discussing with people, it might be necessary you maintain an eye contact with them.

Thus is impossible for a blind person but wearing sunglasses safes the need and discomfort to hold an eye contact when seeing and discussing with people. If a blind person wears a sunglasses, he is sure of getting attention and help from people around him or her. This is a confident booster.

6. It helps them fight the Stereotype

Wearing a sunglasses as a blind person has become a stereotype to hide their eyes. Yes, some people intentionally wear sunglasses to cover their eyes. But it is important to know that blind people do not necessarily wear glasses to hide their eyes but to protect their eyes from further damage makes and complications.

7. It helps to Prevent Blind People from having Migraine

The rays of the sun can cause a mild to severe pain due to having no cone or rod function and this may make a blind person to suffer from migraine. Wearing sunglasses can reduce the chances of a blind person having a migraine.


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Do Blind People Wear a Different and Special Type of Sunglasses from the Usual

A lot of blind people wear non prescribed sunglasses just to protect their eyes from more damages. Blind people who are not among the 85% that do not have complete blindness maybe need specific sunglasses that is prescribed by an option or ophthalmologist.

Even among that 85% who do not have complete blindness, they might need prescribed sunglasses to filter out some specific colours of light and enhance their sight.


Answering the question “why do blind people wear sunglasses”. It has become a stereotype that the main reason a blind person wears sunglasses is to hide his or her eyes. However, it has been proven in this article that there are many more reasons why blind people wear sunglasses, ranging from protection to having confidence and improving their vision.