Hyperspermia: Symptoms, 6 Causes and Treatment


Hyperspermia is an unhealthy problem in which a man produces semen in a larger volume than usual. In this article, you would be put through the symptoms, causes, treatments and lot more you need to know about hyperspermia.

A lot of people do not know of the existence of hyperspermia. It might not be a severe condition but may affect a man’s fertility and in turn prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

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What is Hyperspermia

Hyperspermia as earlier said, is an unhealthy problem in which a man produces semen in a larger volume than usual. A semen is the fluid a man ejaculates while having orgasm during sexual intercourse. While the normal range of semen medically is about 2 to 6ml, in the case of an hyperspermia, it rises to about 5.5ml to 6.3ml.

Hyperspermia is the opposite of hypospermia which is a condition where a man produces semen that is lower in volume than the usual. Unlike hypospermia, hyperspermia is rare and could be an issue to worry about.

Symptoms of Hyperspermia

Some common symptoms that can be easily noticeable includes;

  • High sexual drive
  • Delay evaluation
  • This sperm color changes to an off white or yellow color.
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing issues after evaluation
  • Penis stretchiness or firmness while ejaculating.
  • Pain during ejaculation
  • Impotence

Causes of Hyperspermia

Although the main causes are not really known, it is necessary to know some of the assumed causes of it.

They are;

1. Infection in the Prostrate

An infection in your prostrate can lead to this rare condition among the male.

2. Use of Steroids

Regular use of steroids can also cause hyperspermia.

3. The Time Gap Between Sex Activities

Being sex starved can accumulate sperm and might lead to hyperspermia.

4. Some Medications

Some medicines affects the reaction of the sperm and might give an excuse boost to your libido.

5. Use of Sex Booster Pills

This is one of the most common cause of hyperspermia. Taking drugs or pills can boost your performance during sex. It gives you a high sexual drive and a release of more semen than usual.

6. Eating of Food High in Fiber or Protein

This is related to your daily diet. Consuming fiber and protein regularly will super boost your semen value.

Can Hyperspermia Cause Infertility

Some men have a huge semen volume but fewer sperm are secreted in the fluid that they ejaculate during orgasm. This makes their sperm diluted and it leads to a low sperm count which affects your fertility. If your sperm count is normal with the huge semen volume then your fertility is not affected. You can still have a baby.


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Treatments for Hyperspermia

If an hyperspermia is causing you problems, then its important for you to consider treating it. Some treatments includes;

1. Prescribed medicines to increase your sex count like the estrogen receptor blockers.

2. Sperm retrieval technique to pull sperm from your reproductive tract.

3. Use of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to achieve pregnancy.

When to Visit Your Doctor

You need to visit your Doctor if you observe any of the symptoms listed above. If you have been trying to get your partner pregnant for sometime without successful, it is important you see your Doctor. It is also very necessary you do a check up on your sperm production as well as your fertility regularly.

If your Doctor notices any unusual occurrence in your reproductive organ, he or she will start by giving you a physical examination, then you might be required to go for some test to check your fertility level and your sperm count.

Some Test You May Need to Undergo for an Hyperspermia

This test has to be carried out by specialized Doctors and they include;

1. Hormones Test

Low testosterone (male sex hormones) can contribute to an infertility. That is why an hormone test needs to be carried out on a person who has hyperspermia. Through your blood, your Doctor will get to know if you produce normal level of testosterone as well as other male hormones.

2. Semen Analysis

You will need to produce your sperm either through masturbation or by withdrawal and pouring into a cup or test tube for a semen analysis or test. With the sperm sample, the laboratory scientist will examine to know the number (count), quality and movement of your sperm.

3. Imaging

You might need to have an X-ray, a scan or an ultrasound of your testicles and other organs of your reproductive system to check the problem with your ejaculation and fertility.


Hyperspermia is a very rare health problem compared to other issues that affects your sperm. It is necessary to know that it does not cause any type of physical changes or health conditions. Stay away from anything that can cause it.

Endeavor to visit your Doctor if hyperspermia is affecting your fertility or the symptoms seem to get worst by the day.