7 Reasons Why You Need Morning Sex


Waking up is good, waking up with your partner lying next to you is better but waking up to a morning sex is simply the best.

You had a shower before going to bed so why not make your morning shower worth it by washing off some orgasm.

A morning sex is even hotter than a hot cup of coffee. It helps boost your energy level and put you on the go. It also enhances your mood and self-esteem.

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A lady once said, “After having a morning sex with her spouse, she felt like the boss at her work place when she was just a secretary”. So you see, it always gives you that majestic feeling.

Reasons Why You Should Have Morning Sex More Often

1. You Just Woke Up

A long day can really tell on you and your sex life. Why not reserve sex for after the night sleep when you are all calm and ready?

When you wake up, you really aren’t stressed and you won’t have to put in much effort.

You can simply start with a cuddle and the sex will follow suit because estrogen (the female sex hormones) and testosterone (the male sex hormones) level are at their peak during this time.

As studies has it, the higher the hormones, the higher the libido.

2. Morning Sex Alleviates Stress

Thinking of how to overcome the day’s stressful schedule? Then make sex the first on your schedule.

Doing something pleasurable can actually help reduce stress. Which means having an orgasm before starting your daily schedule can put you on a super boost mood.

3. Morning Sex Refreshes Your Relationship

Having varieties of food, dresses, jewelries makes you feel good and refreshed right?

Same with having a change in sex timing. Night sex which is well known and adapted can be replaced with morning sex.

Trying out something new with your spouse helps refresh your relationship, belief me.

4. Morning Sex Is More Intimate

Seeing every part of your spouse body and getting to appreciate their natural looks; when they haven’t had their bath, combed their hair, aren’t looking so fresh could be so arousing and brings about so much intimacy.

It brings you closer to each other, helps you share your emotions and helps you initiate new sex moves freely.

5. Morning Sex Gives You A Glow Skin

Orgasm releases oxytocin, endorphins and other chemicals that boost the level of estrogen which improves your skin, hair and even nails glow.

Having a morning sex could be equivalent to applying a skin glow product or in my way, a fresh orgasm makes you fresh….smiles.

6. Morning Sex Enhances Brain Power

Studies shows that getting active secretes a mixture of dopamine which are neurotransmitters associated with brain ‘s pleasure.

Morning sex gets you active after a calm sleep secreting this dopamine which also helps to improve memory.

7. Morning Sex Enhances The Immune System

Study shows that sex can enhance your immunity and improve your level of antibodies that defends the body against bacteria and other germs.

So, you aren’t only having sex, you are fighting some bad eggs out of your body.

How to go About Morning Sex

1. Set An Alarm

You won’t want to feel frisky into the time you are to prepare for work or your daily activities so you could set your alarm an hour earlier and have before you get going.

2. Thinking Of How To Begin

Start by cuddling then progress to a foreplay. Fondle each other’s sensitive organ (the neck, nipples, back of the ear and which other part you know gets your spouse aroused).

As you do so, monitor your spouse mood but don’t stop. Your spouse will definitely be aroused and tune to your mood then you can achieve your aim.

3. Worried About The Daylight
Some people find it so uncomfortable and unromantic to have sex in the light.

Well, you can start under your bedsheets and as you begin enjoying the flow I bet you the light won’t be a distraction.

4. Spice Up With Change Of Position

The bed doesn’t have to be the only place you have sex, that’s old school. Give the bathroom, the chair, the dressing table a try.

Yeah, as you change position new sex styles keeps running through your mind and you can try it out. It spices up the relationship.

5. Make Up Your Mind

Don’t be unsure or scared, your spouse will definitely respond. Don’t be worried about bad breath or anything, just make up your mind and have that hot morning sex.

The benefits of morning sex are inexhaustible. You get to feel super-duper plus you start your day off with fun. Yeah, so much fun!!!