How to use Vaseline and Toothpaste for Bigger Buttocks


In this post titled, “Vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks” you will learn how to use vasline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks and whether it’s even possible for both to be used for buttocks enlargement.

Both Vaseline and toothpaste has a lot of functions we you will learn at the end of this article

We want to examine if actually the combination of vaseline and toothpaste can lead to a bigger buttocks in female and women in general.


You can get Bigger buttocks from exercises like: glute bridge, jumping squats, walking lunge, clamshell, dongkey kicks weight training etc.

Buttocks enlargement otherwise known as buttock lift generally improves the shape of the fatty and underlying tissue in the waist region and buttocks area.

Basically, many factors contributes for poor tissue elasticity which results into the sagging of the buttocks. The most important contributing factors are aging and pregnancy.

A bigger buttocks can be seen as a pleasing buttocks contour which is obtainable when excess fat are removed from the sagging skin of the buttocks area.

A well known buttock lift known as gluteal lift does not in general makes the buttocks larger, but may give dimpled, irregular skin surface to the contour of the buttocks

The procedure of buttocks lift is carried out by a trained medical practisioner.

I was curious to find out wether the mixture of vaseline and toothpaste can lead to buttocks enlagement.

The main essence of this article is to examine the relationship between toothpaste and vaseline as applied to buttocks enlargement.

The skin happends to be one of the body’s largest organ and as such, extra care and attention should be given for its proper maintenance.

The question how to use vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks arise from the fact that ladies like bigger buttocks alot and so they are looking for ways to enlarge it


Vaseline sometimes called petroleum jelly, a common, and affordable product mostly found in supermarket, pharmaceutical companies and patent shop has a lot of functions and uses as applied to human skin in general with numerous health benefits.

Vaseline petroleum jelly is made from the combination mineral oils and waxes, which serve as a protective barrier to particularly help the skin retains its moisture and from excessive dehydration.

Petroluem jelly otherwise known helps in maintaining a smooth contour of a buttocks when apply with small mixture of a toothpaste.

There has never been any scientific findings for proofing that the combination of the vasineline and toothpate and cause buttocks enlargement.

First of all, we are going to examine the health benefits of Vaseline .

Health Benefits of Vaseline

(1) Skin Moisturising : Vaseline provides a moistrising texture to the skin. It makes the skin looks smoothe with a pleasant look.

(2)Elimination of rashes: Vaseline helps to eliminate body rashes like pimples, ringworm, eczema, etc

(3)Prolong body spray: Vaseline gives a good lasting fragrance to body spray and other perfumes when applied.

(4)Prevents Soothe and irritating itches : Dandruff is a common skin problem which affect children, adult and elderly. applying vaseline to the scalp can help remove dandruff and eliminate itching.

This is achievable through massaging of a liitle quantity of vaseline to the affected area and wash thereafter by using shampoo.

(5)Provides good skin texture to the lips and eyelids: By applying vaseline, the skin in the lips and eyelids region will be moisturised without skin bleeding.

Skin ointments and body lotion are less effective for skin treatment and general skin maintenance. Petroleum jelly therefore serve as alternative for thinnest skin maintenance like the skin of the lips and eyelids .

Small amount of vaseline in combination with toothpaste should be apply for skin moisturising and protection.

(6)Healing of injured skin: Minor wounds as a result of domestic accidents such as knife cuts, and general body scratches can be treated using the combination of vaseline and toothpaste inorder to keep the wound moist. This will help to prevent the wound from harmful baterial and facilitate the healing process.

However, this will also help in preventing a scar from getting too large which may result into excessive itching.

(7)Treatment of baby diaper’s rashes:  It is quite unfortunate that some diappers do cause reaction for little babies and that is why organic dipper is recommended for usage inorder to eliminate itching and irritating reactions to babies.

However, the best way to prevent itching and body rashes as applicable to babies and liitle children is constant application of vaseline in each diapper change.

If the rashes persits, after appliying the vaseline please kindly consult a certified medical dermatologist.

Health Benefits of Toothpaste

Some registered organisation like the American Dental Association (ADA) has cerified that toothpaste especially the organic toothpaste is very important to oral health because of its potency in removal of plagues and bacterial bulid up on the teeth which in most times leads to gum diseases.

 It is expected that individual should brush the teeth atleats twice in a day and atmost after consecutive meals to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and provide the mouth with fragrance smell.

Toothpaste contains compound of fluoride, which helps in building of teeth immunity and prevents tooth decay. other benefits of toothpaste are:

(1) Its clears pimples: Apply non-gel, non-whitening toothpaste to your pimple. The toothpaste will help in dehydration and absroption of oil for proper treatment of the pimple.

(2) It gives the mouth a fresh breath: Using a good toothpaste especially the Norland toothpaste and Greenleaf toothpaste helps to keep the mouth fresh.

(3) Provide and healthy gum: Tooth paste like the natural seedweed from Greenleaf company helps in strentheing and providing an healthy gum which promotes good dentition.

Combination of Vaseline and Toothpaste for Bigger Buttocks

As earlier mention, we have explained the role of vaseline and toothpaste separately. Both toothpaste and vaseline can help to eliminate rashes and pimples, but what about vaseline and toothpaste for bigger buttocks? does it really work?

There has never be any scientific findings to show that the combination of vaseline and toothpaste can help in buttocks enlargement.

Bigger bottocks can only be achieved through buttock lifts and plastic surgery. There is absolutely no relationship between the combination of vaseline and toothpaste to bigger bottocks.