NRI Cuminus Oil

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Cuminus Oil is an effective multifunctional product for the treatment and prevention of constipation, hair breakage and  supporting your hair growth. NRI Oil also moisturizes your skin, relieves menstrual cramps, promotes wound healing, clears fine lines and wrinkles

As a multifunctional  product, it reduces inflammation and relieves pain, treats Arthritis, fights fungus infection in the mouth, clears cold, fights candidiasis and also inhibits the growth of fibroid tissues

This amazing product is also a fertility natural oil, it boosts Immune System, reduces Gallbladder Stone, opens closed fallopian tubes in women and also a Whitlow remedy.

Health Benefits of Nature’s Renaissance International(NRI) Cuminus Oil

As a multifucntional product, it has many health benefits, which include;

  • Cuminus Oil is a treatment for constipation
  • It boosts immune system
  • Cuminus Oil  is an amazing moisturizer for your skin
  • It promotes quick wound healing and Abrasion
  • It helps in blood circulation
  • It reduces swelling, inflammation and relieves pains
  • It fights fungus infections in the mouth, fight off candidiasis and keep the mouth healthy
  • It is an effective natural oil for fertility
  • It helps opens closed fallopian tube in women
  • Also stop hairs breakage, strengthens and grows your hair
  • The oil can be used to induce labour and relieves menstrual cramps
  • It clears acne,fine line and wrinkles
  • It also treats arthritis
  • It aids as a deep cleanser to your body system
  • NRI Cuminus oil help stops cold
  • It reduces gallbladder stone
  • And also a remedy for Whitlow
  • It also fight against Infections in your body
  • It inhibits the growth of fibroid tissues
  • It Supports Lymphatic System

Key Ingredient of NRI Cuminus Oil

Ricinus Communis

Ricinus communis is commonly known as castor bean or castor oil plant. It is a species of perennial flowering plant in the spurge family. Ricinus communis plant is chiefly cultivated in India, China, and Brazil, largely as the source of castor oil.

This ingredient is used as remedy to treats several health issues. The leaf, root, and seed oil of Ricinus communis  are used in inflammation treatment, liver disorders, hypoglycemic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, warts, cold tumors, and indurations of mammary glands, corns, and moles and cytotoxic activities of the plant was demonstrated and as a laxative

Why You Should Have Cuminus Oil In Your Home

NRI Cuminus oil is one of the amazing products that should be in every homes. The oil is good to your overall health

The product is a pale yellow oil that it’s only ingredient is Ricinus communis. This product has so many uses and health benefits. This oil is recommended and necessary to be owned in every homes.

How to Use NRI Cuminus Oil

You can use Cuminus oil in different ways, these ways are;

  • Applying the oil directly to your skin
  • Use it through a Cuminus oil pack
  • Mix cuminus oil with other oils or robs to use it as a topical remedy
  • Orally, add it to milk or lukewarm water or taken in the form of a supplement

Does NRI Cuminus Oil Have Any Side Effect?

The Oil has no side effect, when you use it as prescribed.

Where Can I Buy The Product?

You can buy the Oil on our website, Kindy Stores.


NRI Cuminus Oil is an effective organic products for the treatment of various health issues and takes care of your overall health

This supplement can be taken alongside with other NRI products but with specific instructions. It can be applied to the joints but you need to mix it with ointment products like Rob. etc. It can be administered oral for other health issues but you need to be specific with what health issue you need it for.



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