Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner


Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner enhances the affinity of hair and scalp, makes it more washable, smells elegant, pleasant and regains self-confidence.


Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner contains precious artemisia annua extracts; supplements hair nutrition, nourishes hair: cleans and cares scalp, repairs damaged hair: Interferes with the activity of bacteria and mites, prevents bacterial metabolism, inhibits the growth of germs and kills germs. Regulates oil secretion, creates good environment for hair to breathe, grow and shine.

Artemisin Nourishing Repair Conditioner

  • Leaves hair silky smooth, ultra elastic & velvety soft
  • Nourishes hair intensively
  • Repairs damages caused by chemical/color treatment, radiation & loss of nutrients
  • Best Detangle for all types of hair
  • Contains Artemisia annua extracts
  • Rescues hair from roughness, dryness, dullness, break-ability.



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