Greenleaf Energy Slippers



Greenleaf Energy Slippers is from enviguorating grass and wood. It energises you all day long.
It also stimulates blood circulation to all internal organs causing natural healing.

Also, it balances and aligns all angle of the bones andĀ helps in relieving leg pains.
It’s comfortable to wear and very simple.

If you are always feeling tired and can not accomplish much, then grab this energy boosting slippers and get revived again.


1. Kardli Linen Slippers reduces fatigue, saves energy and increases comfort
2. Has an inbuilt shock absorber, which spares the joints and keeps you upright feeling energized
3. Relieves leg and knee pains, arthritis inclusive
4. Greenleaf Energy Slippers gives extra stability, preventing fatigue and loss of concentration.
5. It’s trendy, classy and affordable

Available for both male and female. Sizes 34-45 available


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