How to join Greenleaf International Nigeria


Here are the four things you should do before you join Greenleaf International Nigeria

Attend a presentation

It is very important that you attend a presentation before you join Greenleaf Biotech Business. Presentations can be done online or offline line at Service center locations. So far, there are very few business center locations in Nigeria. So, you might want to attend presentations on WhatsApp group and Facebook group

In the presentation, you will learn about the Greenleaf company, the profile of the company, its goals, etc. You will also learn about Greenleaf Products and Greenleaf Compensation Plan. When you are satisfied with everything, you will decide when you want to register.

Gather your Money for Registration

The good news in Greenleaf International now has Six different packages for registration for everyone that wants to join Greenleaf International Biotech MLM business.

Gather your details for registration to Join Greenleaf International

There are certain information needed in order for you to register in Greenleaf. Here is how a typical Greenleaf registration form looks like;

Greenleaf Registration Form Details

Name of applicant(Should also be name of your bank account): 

First name:


Phone number:





Note: Bank details can be updated once you complete your registration

Meet the person that introduced you to the Business

You must note that this is a network marketing business and so, it is the person that introduced you to the business (your prospective upliner) and has also explained the business very well to you that will register you in the business.

Also, note that you can be registered from anywhere that is someone can stay in Lagos to register you in Port Harcourt or vice versa. What you will simply do is to transfer your money to the company’s account (very reliable if you don’t know the person or see any of the products yet) or to the person’s account and the person will use that money to register you. When you make payment, snap shot the evidence of payment to the person for verification.

Note: Most people join Network Marketing through their relatives even when someone else had introduced them and explained the business to them. The secret to success in any network marketing has a lot to do with the team you join.

If you are thinking of joining Greenleaf Biotech or any network business at all, we advise that you join a vibrant team that will give you 100% support in your business. One of such vibrant team is the Greenleaf Team Highflyers. This team has representatives in almost all the states in Nigeria and even representatives from other country.

Five (5) Reasons to Join Greenleaf Biotech Now!!!

The company is solid, reputable and ready to help Africans succeed with this business

This company is New in Africa and present in over 20 countries so far, its important to take advantage of the right timing.

The products are daily consumables and people need to use them everyday.

The compensation plan is unmatched and pays huge bonuses

Incentives are available for all partners to benefit from

Register right away.

Feel free to Join our Whatsapp group by clicking Greenleaf Team Highflyers. Please do not join the group if you are already registered. If you need more information about Greenleaf International, click HERE

Congratulations and welcome on board!!



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