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What is Nuevergold International?

Nuevergold International insures the quality and standard assurance for our customers and investors. The group is led by very experienced team of experts of the industry. Nuevergold is one of the World’s upcoming businesses house with multiple business activities across the world.

Nuevergold International work with experts in the formation of compensation plans, accounting, legal, and professional Network Marketing. Our Members have access to the most powerful compensation plan with the best intergraded solution for your business.

Nuevergold International mission is to provide marketing solutions designed for the self employed, small business owners, corporations, non-profits, and individuals from all over the world to promote any product, service, or idea with one easy to use system at an affordable price.

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Why Join Nuevergold International?

1. Enough of joining companies that their products don’t work

2. Enough of joining companies that does not give products equivalent to your registration fee

3. Enough of joining companies that products won’t arrive for 7 months

4. Enough of joining companies that your money is in vouchers and Ewallet you can’t withdraw

5. Enough of joining companies that to get to stage 2 is like climbing mountain

6. Enough of joining companies that to qualify for 500k trip you must accumulate 150,000 PVS and you still need to borrow money to travel

7. Enough of joining businesses with 3 legs and you still earn from the weaker leg,the stronger leg goes to the company

8. Enough of joining companies that you must buy products worth 300k to get to next stage before you start earning no bonuses for you till the next stage

9. Enough of joining companies that you must have 27 downlines well arranged before you can earn 4k

10. Enough of joining businesses that pays peanuts as referral bonuses

11 Enough of joining companies that you earn only when you join the highest package

12. Enough of joining businesses that you must request for your earnings

13. Enough of joining companies that you must call to be paid

14. Enough of joining companies that does not have the interest of distributors at heart

15. Enough of joining companies that you are working yet still broke.

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Nuevergold  was founded in  2003 in Germany by the team of  experience  expert in multi level marketing Nuevergold is 15 years in Direct selling business. Nuevergold has the best compensation plan ever. It’s simple, its affordable and its easy.

Nuevergold is a product business the efficacy of the products is second to none. Our products works like magic. No matter the ailment, Nuevergold will subdue it.

What do people want in product companies? The answer is obvious; Efficacy of the products and money. Nuevergold gives you confidence when treating any ailment.

Nuevergold puts so much money in your bank account.

All over the world, doctors refer critical health issues to India. You and I know that When it comes to treatment Indians are good at it. Indian products can’t be compared to any product elsewhere. Nuevergold is manufacturing site is in India hence they are very effective. Nuevergold products include; Oral liquids, Teas, Perfumes, Soap, Baby cream, Tummy cream, Body wash, Detox pad Etc.

For now we have 3 Oral liquids (Akrest, Tonic and Suwage)And 3 Teas ( Couple tea, Flush Toxy tea and Slimfit tea)

The other products are soon to be launched into Nigerian market after due process of getting approval from the Nigerian authority.NOW HOW DO YOU BECOME A MEMBER?? Its is very easy, all you need to do is register with any of the packages listed below. 

Registration Packages

Nuevergold has 4 entry packages.

1. N25,000- Director

2.N50,000-   Emerald

3. N150,000-  Sapphire

4. N600,000-  Ruby

Nuevergold pays 30% Direct sponsor bonus(referral bonus)Amazing! Which company does that if not Nuevergold? This means that if you have someone join you, you get referral bonus that is Direct sponsor bonuses of 30%

1. Director N25,000 –N7500.

Emerald N50k — N15,000.

Sapphire  N150k– N45,000.

Ruby  N600,000 — N180,000

Oh yes a whopping 30% given to you anytime you personally refer a person to join the company 

Nuevergold International Compensation Plan

Nuevergold uses an hybrid compensation plan consisting of

1. 20% Retail profit 

2.  30% Direct sponsorship bonus 

3. 10% Matching pooling bonus 

4. 10%Team commission bonus 

5. 2% Mega travel and cash award 

 6. 2%Home award

 7.  2% Retirment award 

8. 20% Leadership development Bonus

Why Partner with Nuevergold International

1.No request for withdrawals

2.No Ewallet

3.No charges withdrawn from your earnings earn without leg balancing.

5.Gives freedom from ailment

6.You don’t need to take 10 bottles to be free from the ailment

7. Results of products are experienced in minutes

8.Movement  in ranks is easy not slavery

 9.You get products worth your registration

10.You choose the products you want

11.  30% direct referral bonus

12. Huge number of PV for each products

30% of 600k=180k 30% of 150k=45k30% of 50k=15k30% of 25k=7500,Then you can refer as many as you can, no limit on your income.

Now on 10% matching bonus, if for an Example, you have 2 persons that registered with 600k left & right, after earning 180k×2=360k the matching bonus is 60k+360k=420k

 The same is applicable to all the packages oo..If you do this and teach 2 of  your downlines to do same you won’t earn less than 1 million naira on Friday.

Now for the matching bonus you are paid  10% Our trips comes with 1m cash for your shopping with all expense paid international trip awarded by Nuevergold.

You will travel two good  times, both South Africa and Dubai trips with 1m cash each before you are awarded our 6m naria Oh yes our first car is worth 6m unlike other companies that gives 2 million naira car.

Nuevergold #6m Card Award

‍The best time to join this moving train is now. Come onboard and be one of the pioneer member. You will be glad you did. Nuevergold operates a binary system, meaning once you have more than 2 referrals others will become spill under for your downlines. Choose your package. Pay to  account and send your details to me for your registration

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Which package? Emerald Director N50,000.Sapphire Director N150,000.Ruby Director  N600,000

Key points to note about Nuevergold International

  • Refer one person with 25k, get 7500 instantly
  • Refer someone with 50k, get 15k instantly
  • Refer someone with 150k, get 45k immediately
  • Refer someone with 600k, get 180k immediately.

Note, this is only on referral bonuses only. I have not added matching bonuses yet.

That is the power of the 30% referral bonuses in NUEVERGOLD INTERNATIONAL


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