Kotex Panty Liners



The Kotex Panty Liners offers you discretion and it is a perfect fit with your body.  It has a soft like cotton absorbing surface and  they are designed for everyday freshness and comfort. This product makes you feel fresh and it also brings freshness with the promise of protection.

Health Benefits of Kotex Panty Liners

  • Good for you and the family.
  • it’s light weight and very hygiene for ladies.
  • It keeps you dry and keep away vaginal discharge away from panty.
  • Helps provide clean dry protection.
  • Captures moisture and keeps you dry and fresh all day.
  • Offers discreet protection all day long.
  •  Helps prevent panties stain.
  • Very thin and comfortable.
  • Panty liners are a great accompaniment to many period products and can help catch leaks to save staining your underwear.
  • It takes off the stress of little outdoor foreplay. If you and your partner do get a little naughty at a dinner or a theater, the pantry liner does the perfect job to hold your passion flow.

How to use Kotex Panty Liners

  • Panty liners are recommended to be changed every 3-5 hours, whether you’re using them for your period or other times in your cycle! You can even wear fohow panty liner everyday.
  • Panty liner are not to be worn for one day. If you are planning on wearing it overnight, it is  recommended that you put on a new one during bedtime. It is advised that you change it, if  it feels moist or damped.


  • Leaving your sanitary pad or a panty liner on for too long can lead to a very rotten smell and can cause infection also.
  • Panty liners can rub against the labia, then possibly triggering redness, irritation, and itching.
  • Scented panty liners might contain chemicals that can irritate the sensitive tissues around the vagina.

What is the Price of Kotex Panty Liners in Nigeria

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Where to buy Kotex Panty Liners

This product is available here in Kindy Stores.

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